Policy – Privacy


Privacy Policy

MPI strives to protect the privacy of its donors, its employees and the people we serve overseas. Our privacy policy complies with all applicable privacy legislation in Canada. MPI will only collect information as is necessary for the operation of our organization and we never share or sell the personal information of any of our donors. Third parties that MPI may use to provide a service shall be required to sign a confidentiality agreement whenever personal data is involved and personal information will only be accessed by employees when it is needed to carry out the operation of the ministry. MPI uses every reasonable precaution to maintain the integrity and security of these records.

Although promotion of MPI’s ministry depends on telling individuals’ stories we take care to not violate the privacy of the people we are trying to help. Whenever possible, we secure permission from the person or their family whose story is to be told, facts are double checked for accuracy and nothing is said or done to portray the person in a negative way.


Funds Distribution

Mission Partners International (MPI) shall makes it a priority to be good stewards of every donation dollar we receive. We keep accurate financial records that are audited yearly by a qualified professional and available to the public. We strive to be open and honest in dealing with the public, and to comply with all federal, provincial and municipal regulations. Mission Partners strives to honour the intent of each donor regarding designations, and when the needs of a certain project have been met, MPI will strive to re-allocate funds to a similar porject. No funds will be accepted for persons or projects overseas where MPI does not work and has no established method of delivering the funds.