Get Involved

There are many ways that you can Get Involved and help MPI.  From attending an MPI event near you or signing up to go on a Missions Team, there are always ways to help us reach more people.  Pastors and leaders can Contact Us about hosting an MPI event.  MPI can help inspire teens at a youth service, showing them what God is doing among youth in other countries.  Businesses can discover ways to contribute to MPI projects while also reducing their taxes.  Follow the links below to find out more ways you can Partner with us.


Check out our upcoming events including church services and overseas trips.

Mission Teams

Keep up to date regarding plans for upcoming mission teams.

Start a Fundraiser

Check out some suggestions to create a fundraiser for MPI projects.

Church Engagement

Make an inquiry about how your Church can partner with MPI.

Corporate Partnership

Check out how your business or corporation can partner with MPI.

Youth Connection

See how MPI can present missions to your Youth Group in a fun and inspiring way.