Mission Teams

Short-term mission trips can provide a very authentic missions experience. You can experience for yourself, in a very real way, how blessed we are in North America and how much suffering and need there is in the former Soviet countries of Ukraine and Belarus.

MPI can help your church or group plan a two-week Mission Team to Ukraine or Belarus, helping one of our overseas partners by participating in their “on the ground” ministry. Whether your passion is Children, Youth, Seniors or Families, we can help you arrange a Missions trip tailored to your gifts and passion. Whether you are interested in church ministry or street ministry, MPI can organize the Missions experience of a lifetime.

MPI also directly hosts and sponsors one open mission team each year. This mission’s opportunity is pre-planned and scheduled by MPI staff and is perfect for individuals who are interested in joining with other Canadians like themselves in humanitarian outreach.

For more information on the next MPI sponsored mission team opportunity, or to organize a mission team with your group, contact Missions Partners at 1-877-551-5525 or send your inquiry by email to info@mpiconnect.org.