Our Impact

Mission Partners International’s ministry to Ukraine and Belarus has proven to have a tremendous impact. The effect we’ve had is measured in the lives of the people who have received help and heard the message of the gospel through our ministry. Learn about Our Impact by reading the following stories that illustrate how peoples lives have been changed.


Food Parcels


When we visited Lydia, age 82, a lonely senior in Ukraine, I was amazed at her joy and faith in God. She didn’t have much. Her kitchen cupboards were empty and the fridge held only cold water and pickles.  At that moment, I realized how important it is what we are doing.

When Lydia saw the food we brought she lifted up her hands and started praising God. She said she hadn’t had such a abundant variety of food for some time. What we brought were food staples but to her it was more than food.  It meant that someone cared for her and loved her.  I saw in her such a strong faith and commitment to the Lord.

With tears of joy we praised God for bringing this dear sister to us with the opportunity to serve her and pass on the blessing of God to her. This visit was a divine appointment from God for the fellowship and spiritual impact it had on us.


School Packs for Kids

This report came to us from one of the grandmothers whose granddaughter recieved a new backpack from MPI:

Nadia“My name is Angela Saakiyan. On behalf of my family, I thank Mission Partners International and Andrei Shander for giving my granddaughter Nadia (age 9) a school pack. It is such a wonderful and needed gift – a school backpack full of school supplies. Our family could not afford to provide school packs for the children. But thanks to you, the kids have brand new school supplies to start the school year. They are happy and so are we. Our family is grateful that there are Canadian people who care and are willing to help families who live on the edge of poverty. I thank God for all of you.”


Seniors Respite Centre

We received these three reports from seniors who have attended the MPI sponsored Seniors Respite Centre:

Galina“This place is like nothing else in this world. There is so much love and care. Everyone is kind and smiles. We have homemade food and fruit. It is like paradise. I thank God for bringing me here. I repented here. I am free and happy at last.”
– Galina, age 78


Victor“This is my third time here. I enjoy coming to the Centre for prayer and fellowship. I am growing in my new faith in Christ and enjoy singing. At home I stay inside. There is no way for me to go outside. Here I can go outside and make new friends. Thank you for the tasty food. I wish I could stay here all the time.”
– Victor, age 72


Nelly“I came here with a cane. At home I don’t go outside as I cannot walk without help. I live on the 9th floor of an apartment building. A sister from another church told me about this place and now I am here. At the centre, Dr. Irina gave me a walker and I can now go outside all by myself. I am very grateful. If it wasn’t for this place I wouldn’t be able to go outside at all. It a mercy from God for me.”
– Nelly, age 68