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City Evangelism $37

We are helping the believers in Kiev to work hard to reach those lost and suffering within the city. Ministry leaders are out on the city streets feeding the homeless, taking food and other kinds of help to families who are struggling to survive, even taking in refugees and housing them and feeding them. The cost to help these believers continue this vital mnistry is only $37. This will provide both regular food as well as a personally delivered Gospel message, prayer and counseling for one month.

We must feed the lost souls, love them, help them, and most importanly share Christ with them. He is the only true hope they can lean on.

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  • $2000
  • Description: Provide Food and Evangelism Outreach in the City
  • Ministry Partner: Christian Hope Church
  • Location: Ukraine and Belarus

Kids Gift & Event/Seniors Food $40 each

For most people in Canada, Christmas is a time of joy and celebration. It’s a time of giving and receiving gifts, spending time with family and friends, and celebrating the joy of Jesus’ birth. While the days get shorter and the nights get colder, the love and joy we share at Christmas time warms our hearts and lights up our lives.

But for many living in East-Central Europe, Christmas means the start of winter when the nights are cold and people are hungry. Countless numbers of orphans and disadvantaged Children live without smiling, never expecting to receive a single Christmas gift. Seniors living on modest pensions often wait in vain for someone to visit and bring a Christmas meal to share.

MPI wants to change the lives of Children and Seniors in Ukraine and Belarus this year by bringing Christmas cheer. Together with our Partners at Christian Hope Church, MPI plans to host a Christmas presentation for Children which includes a pageant and a puppet show. Each child will receive a Christmas gift at the end of the event. MPI also wants to send out Christmas Food Hampers filled with staple foods and tasty treats to Seniors. Volunteers are eager to bring the Christmas spirit to hundreds of pensioners, delivering food hampers and sharing Jesus love.

Please partner with MPI this month, to make a difference in the lives of Children and Seniors in Ukraine. Each donation of $35 will bring a Christmas miracle to a Child or Senior.

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  • $0 of $5280 goal
  • Description: Children's/Seniors Christmas
  • Ministry Partner: Christian Hope Church
  • Location: Kiev, Ukraine

SPECIAL COVID-19 Assistance Packs $10 each

The countries of Ukraine and Belarus are in lockdown right now with the spread of the CVOID-19 virus. People are frightened and are having a difficult time getting the supplies they need to saty home and stay healthy. In partnership with the Ukrainiain Missionary Church Union, we will be providing special packages of food and hygiene items to help the most vulnerable in Ukraine and Belarus survive during this pandemic. This special project will bring emergency assistance to those that need it the most during this coronavirus pandemic. Pray that we are able to purchase enough supplies to help those that need it for as long as this crisis lasts. Let’s save lives together!

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  • $350 of $500 goal
  • Description: Emergency Assistance
  • Ministry Partner: Ukrainian Missionary Church
  • Location: Ukraine and Belarus

Kids School and Devotional Pack $31

We know that equipping children with a solid education can lead to better job opportunities and a stable future. Those people who have received a good education are much more likely to get good jobs that pay enough to ensure they and their families can rise above mere subsitance living.

I also want to see children to grow as disciples of Christ. Children need to learn in every area of their lives, not just in school.  They need to learn how to read and write and add at the same time as they are learning about God’s loving plan for them.

We have enhanced and refreshed our annual school pack project. We still want to provide basic school supplies in a special child-friendly bag, but we also want to provide devotional tools. The devotional set includes a child friendly devotional book, a small notebook to record their prayers and a special pen printed with a scripture verse.

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  • $1550
  • Description: Provide School Supplies and Devotional Tools
  • Ministry Partner: Ukrainian Missionary Church
  • Location: Ukraine and Belarus

Food for Foster Kids $30 for 30 days

Alexei & Tanya Tyzenko have been taking abandoned children from the streets into their own home for many years. Tanya began this quest to rescue kids more than 20 years ago, even before she married Alexei. When she met and married Alexei, who shared her passion for ministry, God moved on their hearts to reach as many lost children as possible. Several years ago they moved their base of operations (and their home) to a village just outside of Dnepropetrovsk, as the municipal government of Dnepropetrovsk would not allow them to teach their foster children anything about God or the Bible.

The Faith, Hope & Love Association was born when the Tyzenkos shared their vision of fostering needy kids to other concerned families in their area. The number of families participating in their network quickly grew as did the number of abandoned kids who were rescued. Together with Alexei and Tanya, these families have given numerous street kids a stable and loving home in which to grow and be nurtured. The group now provides for over 120 children. Through their leadership, the Tyzenkos help each foster family with government paperwork and advice.

Providing for so many children has proven to be an incredible burden on these families. The winter is especially hard as there are so many needs and few resources. While the government does provide a small amount of financial help, it’s not enough to properly provide for the children in their care. The government money for the first quarter of the year usually doesn’t come until April, leaving these families struggling to put food on the table from January to April. For $30.00, you can help provide basic food supplies, such as rice, flour, pasta, cereal, and canned fruit for one of these families for one month. You can make a real difference for a family struggling to provide food for the children in their care.

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  • $0 of $5790 goal
  • Description: Foster Children's Ministry
  • Ministry Partner: Faith, Hope & Love Association
  • Location: Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Full-time Support $1300/month

Youth ministry is often a challenge but can also offer many rewards.  The opportunity to introduce young people to Jesus for the first time is an unparalleled privilege.  This is the ministry that God has called Andrei & Julia Shaitar to.  Together, they lead a Christian children’s and youth ministry called ‘Together Christian Camps’ that organizes summer camps, youth retreats and other youth outreaches.

Despite an ongoing lack of resources, this dedicated couple has found a way to successfully engage young people during summer camps and youth retreats.  The percentage of unsaved young people who given their hearts to Jesus at Together Camps is astounding.  One of their core goals is also to equip a new generation to be effective leaders in children’s and youth ministry.  Most of the young leaders who serve now were personally mentored by Andrei.

In recent years, they have begun hosting leadership training conferences to share their insights and successes into youth ministry with leaders across Eastern Europe.  Andrei has also been invited twice to run Christian children’s camps in South Africa.  Whether at home or abroad, the Shaitar’s are making a lasting difference in the future generations of kids.

Over the years, the Shaitar’s have built a network of like-minded believers who share their vision and help them in their outreach efforts.  Together, they share a deep love for the children and youth of Belarus and a passion to see them know Christ.  Through their role as leaders and one-on-one with kids, the Shaitar’s are impacting the lives of young people across Belarus.  Please partner with us to help Andrei & Julia devote themselves full-time to this vital ministry.

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  • $8640 of $15,800 goal
  • Description: Director's Full-time Support
  • Ministry Partner: Together Christian Camping
  • Location: Minsk, Belarus

Meals & Accommodation 1 Week Stay for $40

Many seniors in Ukraine have become familiar with the Seniors Respite Centre. Since opening in 2008, the Seniors Respite Centre has been part medical treatment facility, part rehabilitation centre, and part spiritual retreat. Over the years, more and more pensioners have been cared for during each stay, as the Centre’s reputation has continued to grow. Doctor Irina, the Director, says their goal is to build up each guest – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The poor diet of most seniors living alone has degraded their health. The elderly people who stay at the Centre are treated to delicious meals with plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits and meat. Most of them say there is so much to eat, they can’t decide what to try first. As well as good food, they receive free medical check-ups along with necessary treatments and medications.

Most of the seniors in Ukraine live in apartments and rarely get outside. At the Centre, being able to spend time outdoors in good weather, with clean air, is a big treat. With easy access outside, guests are able to sit on the patio, walk through the gardens or stroll around the grounds.

The most enjoyable activities at the Seniors Centre are the Gospel services, special music and sing-alongs. Every day, time is set aside to get together with a song book and sing the old favorites. Guest speakers and special musical soloists are invited often and are a highlight of the day.

There is always something being planned but people are never so busy that they don’t have time to catch a nap, sit in the sun or strike up a conversation with a new friend. The men and women who come for a stay never return home the same. Many find Jesus as Saviour or deepen their walk with the Lord, while the fresh air, medical treatment and good diet improves their health. It’s a win-win!

Doctor Irina continues to have a vision to minister to seniors. It is her life’s passion. For years, MPI has been providing the food for the Centre, keeping the doors open. For just $40, a senior can enjoy all the amenities at the Centre for one week. Your help will allow more seniors than ever to be helped and blessed. Please partner with us to help as many seniors as possible to visit the Centre.

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  • $244 of $6336 goal
  • Description: Seniors Respite Centre
  • Ministry Partner: Christian Hope Church
  • Location: Gogolev, Ukraine

Emergency Relief – Food Parcel $30/parcel

Together with our partners in the Ukrainian Missionary Church and Christian Hope Church, MPI continues to plan relief efforts for people trapped in the conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine and to the poverty stricken in small villages throughout Ukraine and Belarus. Whenever we are in Ukraine or Belarus, food is always being purchased, shipped and delivered to needy people. MPI’s local sponsored Pastors and other Christian volunteers have been vital partners in this effort.

Today, food parcel deliveries to needy people are still critically needed. Food prices remain inflated and availability is poor for many basic items. Each donation of $30 will buy a basic food parcel for one family. Please partner with us to provide life giving provisions for the needy people.

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  • $500 of $2000 goal
  • Description: Emergency Food Distribution
  • Ministry Partner: Ukrainian Missionary Church
  • Location: Ukraine and Belarus

Village Ministry $45

Over the last couple of years, we have been venturing into new places, ministering the gospel to previously unreached people. During our visits to families in villages, we have found many examples of poverty. What we have seen breaks our hearts. We have found families living without even the most basic cooking appliances, refrigeration or beds. As we talk to these men, women and children, we sense their desperation and hopelessness.

Our mandate as a ministry has always been to empower local pastors to reach their country for Christ. When we visit these village homes together, we recognize that it has been these pastors who have led the way, brought the message of hope, built relationships and met needs. These pastors show these families that they are cared for and have become invested in their lives. They share the message of the Gospel by personally demonstrating the love of God.

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  • $0 of $3000
  • Description: Village Ministry
  • Ministry Partner: many
  • Location: Ukraine

Meals Feed 5 For $25

Most Canadians take simple things like food and shelter for granted. Yet these basic things are not a guaranteed facet of life for hundreds of men and women living on the streets of Kiev, Ukraine. They live from one meal to the next. Many of these are people who have been forced to flee the conflict zone in the eastern part of the country. Other have ended up on the street after experiencing a tragic circumstance in their life. The struggle of finding their next meal quickly becomes all consuming.

MPI, in partnership with Christian Hope Church, wants to make a difference in this situation by offering meals to these people desperate to survive. As often as they can, ministry volunteers take soup and sandwiches, along with hot tea, out to the city streets. The homeless always know where to go to meet them and they line up patiently waiting for something to fill their empty stomachs.

As the homeless wait in line and then eat, the volunteers talk to them, hear their stories and share the message of the Gospel. With their hunger satisfied, these needy men and women are encouraged both in body and in spirit. Lives are being changed by the power of the Gospel.

MPI needs your help to continue to feed these starving men and women. Every gift of $25.00 will feed 5 people on the streets of Kiev. Please partner with us to save lives today.

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  • $2260 of $2260 goal
  • Description: Homeless Outreach
  • Ministry Partner: Christian Hope Church
  • Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Leadership Conference $20,000

One of the highlights of MPI’s year is our annual leadership conference in Ukraine. Partnering with the Ukrainian Missionary Church Union, this teaching conference sees 120 to 150 Pastors and Leaders gather from all regions of Ukraine for four days of teaching, fellowship and prayer.

In Canada, Christian leaders have easy access to excellent Christian literature, dozens of Bible schools, and regular leadership conferences. The process of being equipped for Christian ministry in Canada have never been easier. The situation in Ukraine is quite different with limited choices for Leadership and Bible training, as many Pastors simply cannot afford a formal Bible School education. Christian resource books are also mostly unobtainable for many Pastors due to cost. This does not lessen the need for these tools though.

With the lack of necessary training and a shortage of important resources, sound Biblical teaching for Pastors and Leaders in an annual conference setting is vital. This time to learn from experienced teachers, pray together over ministry challenges, while staying in a retreat setting is precious.

MPI underwrites the financial obligation of the entire Pastor’s Leadership Conference from the hall rental to all the meals and accommodations, so pastors can come with no cost to themselves. Our desire is to conduct an effective conference where pastors can be taught and refreshed, then return home to their communities rested and inspired.

At MPI, we firmly believe that the church in Ukraine is worth it. The Pastors deserve the very best help that Canada has to offer as they labour in their churches and communities. The time spent away from their demanding schedules at MPI’s annual conference results in healthy, refreshed Pastors who are ready to lead their churches effectively into the future.

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  • $0 of $15,180 goal
  • Description: Pastors Leadership Conference
  • Ministry Partner: Ukrainian Missionary Church
  • Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Sponsor-a-Pastor $35/month

Since MPI first started working in Ukraine and Belarus, we’ve continually been impressed by the dedication of the local Pastors we’ve met. Having a heart for the lost and the hurting, they serve their congregation and community tirelessly, just wanting to help people. While the needs around them are vast, these Pastors face their own challenges, having families of their own to provide for. These responsibilities are often in conflict, with Pastors having to choose between providing for their wives and children or ministering to needs in their congregation and community. One Pastor we know had to sell his boiler, the only means of heating his home, to buy food for his starving children. That kind of sacrifice should never have to happen! After considering what we could do to help, God led us to start the Sponsor-a-Pastor program.

The Sponsor-a-Pastor program quickly took off and now many Canadian sponsors are helping to support Pastors from across Ukraine and Belarus by providing a steady monthly cash income supplement. Several sponsors are even helping more than one Pastor! By helping these men and women with a regular monthly cash gift, we ease the burden of ministry allowing them to work full time at what God has called them to do. The funds donated by the Canadian sponsors go directly into the hands of Pastors to be used by them for whatever their needs are at that time – rent, food, clothing, transportation, school supplies, or paying bills. Although over 80 Pastors are being helped at present, there are still many that are waiting for sponsorship.

How It Works

Just Contact MPI and we can connect you with a Pastor who is waiting for a sponsor. It costs only $35 a month to make a difference for a Pastor and his family. When you sign-up, you will receive a sponsorship brochure in the mail with your pastor’s name, their picture, their city, a map of the country showing where they serve, and a brief testimony. Two to three times a year, you will receive an update in the mail with more information on your pastor’s life and ministry. The best way to Sponsor-a-Pastor is with a regular monthly gift via bank debit or credit card. Call us at 1-877-551-5525 and we can help you get started.


65% Complete
  • $40,00
  • Description: Pastors Sponsorship Program
  • Ministry Partner: Ukrainian Missionary Church
  • Location: across Ukraine

Bibles $28/Bible

One of the most important resources necessary to support Christian Ministry in East-Central Europe is an abundant supply of Bibles. The Bible contains God’s message of redemption and comfort, which is desperately needed in the world today. Like a lighthouse in the middle of a storm, the message of the Scriptures provides guidance and purpose to those who are in need.

Christian Pastors and leaders in Ukraine and Belarus work diligently to bring hope and faith to the people they meet. Giving out Bibles is essential to this ministry. Churches conducting evangelistic outreaches need an adequate supply of Bibles to give away. Pastors need enough Bibles to give one to each person who has begun the process of Christian discipleship and mentoring. Investing in people by giving out Bibles has unmatched eternal rewards.

MPI wants to supply all of our sponsored Pastors and Church partners with an adequate supply of Bibles. While the need is almost endless, each gift of $23 will transform the person who receives their own personal copy of God’s Word. Partner with us to impact the lives of people in East-Central Europe, one life at a time.

10% Complete
  • 1000
  • Description: Bible Distribution
  • Ministry Partner: Ukrainian Missionary Church
  • Location: across Ukraine

Winter Warmth $42 each

Thousands of seniors and poor families across Ukraine are facing increased costs for heat this winter. Many can barely afford to eat, much less pay their skyrocketing heating bills. When faced with the choice between food and heat, having a warm home becomes an unaffordable luxury that is out of reach for many. While the average senior’s pension is about $70 a month, countless people would need to pay $60 a month or more to sufficiently heat their homes.

This winter, we don’t want anyone to have to make that choice. We want to give people something to keep them warm. Our desire is to help people who are in need of a Saviour for both their physical needs as well as their spiritual needs.

With your help, we are going to go out into the cities, towns and villages to find as many needs seniors and poor families as possible and give them a beautiful wool blanket to help them stay warm. As the body of Christ, we can help the people of Ukraine in a transformative way this winter.

85% Complete
  • $5200 of $8000 goal
  • Description: Blankets for the Poor
  • Ministry Partner: Ukrainian Missionary Church
  • Location: Ukraine

Christmas Blessing $55

MPI has long believed in supporting the ministry of Christian Pastors and Leaders. The leadership of these men and women has proven to have the most positive, long-term impact on communities across Ukraine. At Christmas time, MPI makes a special effort to bless these dedicated men and women who have given so much of themselves all year long.

For many years, MPI has given out an annual gift to Pastors that we call “Christmas Blessing”. Each “Christmas Blessing Packet” contains Christian resource or study book, a day timer for the coming year and a pen packaged together in a handy tote bag. For the vast majority of these pastors, the only Christian books and resource materials they own are those which MPI has supplied through this annual project.

With the financial challenges pastors face due to the poor economy, they simply could never afford to buy these books themselves. Over the years, these resources have formed the backbone of most Pastor’s libraries and are used over and over for personal devotions, to prepare sermons, and to counsel parishioners. They become an important part of the spiritual life of their families and churches.

In addition to the Christmas Blessing package, each gift funds an annual Christmas dinner, a real treat for these men and women. Enjoying a special meal together with friends, these dear servants of Christ are able to relax and enjoy a reprieve from the daily stresses and challenges of ministry. We give each Pastor a gift for their whole family, and each young child gets a special Christmas treat.

95% Complete
  • $0 of $3000
  • Description: Christmas Blessing Project
  • Ministry Partner: Ukrainian Missionary Church
  • Location: Ukraine


Each gift designated towards an approved project will be used as designated with the understanding that when any given need has been met, designated gifts will be used where needed most. Gifts from Canadians are acknowledged and receipted annually with an official receipt for income tax purposes. Thank you!