Pre-Authorized Giving

Setting up Pre-Authorized donations is the best way to maximize your gifts. There are no cheques to write and no envelopes to mail. You can set up a regular monthly gift directly from your bank account or credit card. Withdrawals are made on the same date each month and for the amount that you determine. You may cancel at any time if your circumstances change. Pre-Authorized giving may be used to regularly support any MPI project or program. You can also give general donations that will be used wherever the need is greatest at that time. If you are away on vacation, sick, or out of town, your donation will still reach us. You may stop payment or change the amount at any time if you feel it is necessary to do so by notifying us a least five business days before the withdrawal date.


Pre-Authorized Debit Donations


To start your recurring Pre-Authorized donations by bank debit, just send us a ‘void’ cheque from your bank account and write in the amount you want to give each month. Bank debit donations are processed on the 1st day of each month. Once we have your information, we will send you a letter confirming all the details and when your PAD will start.


Pre-Authorized Credit Card Donations


To begin a regular Pre-Authorized donation from your preferred credit card, just fill in the “monthly donor” Credit Card Information on a MPI monthly newsletter or a MPI service donation card. You can also download a Pre-Authorized form to fill out here. Mail your filled out form to us to begin supporting a missions project in Ukraine or Belarus. After we receive your donor card, we will send you a letter confirming all the details.