Wills and Inheritance

Many Christians find that God has blessed them materially and financially beyond their expectations. Stewardship of this wealth is an added dimension of their spiritual life. Planned giving is an excellent way to care for your own needs, your loved ones and a ministry that you believe in.

Most people give to MPI out of their current income in response to a particular appeal. Planned giving occurs when a donor pledges a portion of expected wealth accumulated over a lifetime – a donation of capital rather than income.

Many Christians have sufficient net wealth to pass on a substantial amount to their heirs and also significantly contribute to building the Kingdom of God. In fact, you or your estate may benefit from having made a sizeable gift to a charity by reducing income and capital gains taxes. The net effect on the amount passed to your heirs may be much less than the amount received by the charity.

That’s good stewardship!

As with all estate planning, be sure to consult your financial and legal advisor.

Advantages of planned giving to the donor

  •  ¨ stewardship of what God has blessed you with
  • ¨ satisfaction of implementing a program of giving now
  • ¨ estate planning resulting in better distribution of your assets
  • ¨ reduced taxes payable now and/or from your estate
  • ¨ the ability to provide a much larger gift to MPI than may otherwise have been possible

    Advantages of planned giving to MPI

    •  ¨ knowing of the existence of the gift in advance allows for some planning
    • ¨ receiving a larger gift than it may otherwise receive
    • ¨ ability to demonstrate to Revenue Canada and donors that MPI has a stable funding base into the future


    Why Leave Money to MPI in My Will?

    It is the regular financial support of the Christian population that keeps churches, mission agencies and other Christian ministries alive. Indeed, it is God’s command to tithe to the church and give offerings for missions and other Christian work.

    Many Christians think that obligations to support Christian ministries ceases when they pass away. After all, how can you give, when you are no longer living? However, there is a way you can continue to give to the charities that are dear to you after you have passed away—through your will.

    Having your money work for you according to your wishes and knowing that mission work in Ukraine and Belarus is directly benefiting from your estate, is a great comfort. By writing Mission Partners International into your will, you will continue to donate to MPI even after your passing. This living legacy of financial support is a way for you to keep your money working for the Kingdom of God after you are gone.

    Mission Partners International will treat your donation through your estate with the highest regard. We will use every penny to the fullest in fulfilling our mandate of supporting pastors and churches as well as the widows, orphans, the poor and needy in the former Soviet Union.

    Through an inheritance, whether large or small, MPI can carry out its ministry programs to the fullest and even expand them into new areas. These kinds of donations that are beyond our budget can often come at just the right time to meet an unexpected opportunity or an emergency situation.

    Other things such as real estate, art, jewelry, etc can also be left in wills. MPI will sell these items and use the funds for its missionary endeavours.

    Some common questions about your will and estate.

    Shouldn’t my money go to my family?

    Maybe you never thought of leaving money to charities because you thought all your money should go to your relatives. But, even if the majority of your estate goes to family members, a percentage can still go to charity.

    Many people pass away with no close family members and therefore wish that their money be used for Christian missions.

    I am not wealthy enough to do this.

    Many people don’t consider their will as a source of support for charities because they do not have “a lot of money to leave behind”. This also is a false assumption. It is very likely that you have more than you think and even small amounts can be a big blessing to charities.

    Do I need a lawyer?

    Having a lawyer prepare your will is a good idea. Lawyers know the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of wills and estates and are able to advise you about the best way to see that your wishes are carried out.

    How do I know how much to give?

    Make this a matter of prayer. A good way to divide your estate is with percentages rather than set amounts. That way, whatever the total of your assets, they can be divided easily.

    What do I need to do?

    Decide how much you wish to give to each person or group to be named in your will. Then, take this form with you to your lawyer when preparing your will.

    When your lawyer has MPI’s address and phone number, it will make it much easier for him or her to contact us when the time comes. Use the form provided to fill in and leave with your lawyer.