DID YOU KNOW THAT YOUR CONTRIBUTION is what breaks the cycle of poverty? LET ME SHARE with you three reasons why.


Poverty is rising rapidly in Ukraine today. The pandemic has forced thousands more families, children, and seniors into crisis. This is added to the growing complex social issues like unemployment, depression, child abandonment, teen pregnancy, poor education, malnutrition and substance abuse.


We prioritize rescue, hope, and purpose, for every person we encounter. Every project and program is rooted in our desire to bring physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness to people who face unbelievable suffering.


We believe in a God who offers hope and healing, so we choose to fight every day for vulnerable people. We give a voice to those who feel unseen and worthless.



We cannot fight alone!


We know the value of collective generosity. In the Kingdom of God, every contribution matters, every single dollar matters. Your donation works together with many others to bring wholeness to those vulnerable people in poverty.


I know that you want to see good things happen in this world today. Friend, you can be the good you want to see in the world. It's your choice. We need you.


When you supply any gift with Mission Partners, a life in poverty is receiving much more than food or a blanket. They are getting peace of mind and reduced stress. Families can focus on loving time spent together. Children can concentrate on getting a good education for their future. Most of all, they receive eternal hope in a Saviour.


Every gift you provide comes with a personal visit from local leaders who invest their lives into loving people, demonstrating Christ, and bringing the hope of the Gospel. This investment of love and time continues long after the first gift is given because we believe ongoing, comprehensive life change.