Caring for the Elderly & Disabled

Loving the Forgotten

People go hungry every day in Ukraine and Belarus. It is simply a hard reality in a place where average salaries are only about $200 US a month. If you are a senior, your pension might be as low as $100 US. That is not nearly enough money to pay for food and utilities and medicine. Many people make hard choices between heat and basic food. We cannot bear to see people suffering and in need. 


Together with our partners, we help fill these emergency needs with packages of emergency food containing basics like rice, flour, oil, and tea, or with warm blankets in winter. Most importantly, we and our partners spend time visiting with these lonely souls sharing  our time and showing the love that God has for them.

Sergei Lubchenko praying.jpg

My name is Ivan. I am ill and bedridden. Pastor Sergei came to my home and prayed for me. You can listen to Pastor's prayer.

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