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We are fighting against the alarming rise in poverty and hopelessness in the countries of Ukraine and Belarus. We have a vision and passion to change lives! You can learn more about the challenges of living in poverty in Ukraine and Belarus today.


MPI's mission is to bring the hope of the Gospel message to people of all ages. Christ's message of love and redemption is a powerful story that impacts lives in crisis. Click to find out How you can be a part of our "change story".


We believe in building kingdom partnerships that span oceans. We connect with and inspire people in North America to have a love for missions and the Gospel while labouring to change the lives of others alongside local ministers in Ukraine and Belarus.


Our Story

Mission Partners is a Christian charitable organization that has been on the front lines of poverty relief work in Eastern Europe for over twenty years. Our mandate is to end all forms of systemic poverty in families and communities across Ukraine and Belarus. By working together as communities of faith, and partnering with people who want to see broken lives healed by the power of the Gospel, we can achieve that vision.

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Learn more about how you can hear personal stories directly from Ukraine and Belarus, book an exciting missions experience with an MPI  guest, or just join us at our next special event!
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