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Mission: Winter Warmth

Warm Homes & Warm Hearts

Saving a life this winter is easier than ever. With a war that rages throughout the country, people are more vulnerable than they have ever been before. Winter in Ukraine is cold, and lives are too precious to leave someone struggling to survive the bitter weather. We are preparing for the winter season right now and you can help!


With a gift of $30 you can supply a full-sized, warm blanket for a vulnerable person living in poverty. You can also provide life-saving firewood, or heaters for an entire home for the whole winter with a gift of $250.

Progress to 2023-2024 Winter Season Goal

Blankets from Canada-3.jpeg
Shipped Blankets & Hats-4.jpg
Vasily Belek Stepove, Firewood 2022IMG-28cfacad0b46a3f1e2576d3daa0cb477-V_edited.jpg

Mission : Winter Warmth
Keep Someone Warm

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