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#GivingTuesday 2021

#GivingTuesday is an amazing global movement that unleashes the power of generosity in people and organizations that have a passion to transform our world for the good!⁠ In all the uncertainty, and confusion of our world today, using your God-given privilege to be generous gives you the power to impact lives around you for the better and make positive changes in your own life. 

This year's donations will help us reach our year end fundraising goals. With your support we will be able to continue meeting the needs of those in poverty incuding children ans the elderly through the long cold winter months. You make change happen for people in poverty.  

Let our generosity bring us together for #GivingTuesday this year!

Life Impact Story

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With the help of Canadian donors, every winter we give food support to a network of Christian Foster Families in Ukraine. This is the story about three siblings who are being fostered by one of these amazing families.  The children are Eugene age 11, Vladimir age 9, and Anna age 8. These are the words of their foster mother.

"Eugene, Vladimir and Anna have been with us for a couple of years. They came from a family with alcoholic parents. Child Services took the kids away from their abusive parents. The family was living in a hut at the cemetery. This location gave the parents chance to beg for food and pick through what was left at tombstones.The children were sick and neglected. 


For a year and a half, the youngest Anna had to sleep in our bed, and the boys had to be in the same bedroom as their sister. They all were very scared of people and didn’t sleep well at night. Though they still struggle with socializing, they are now a part of our family and can sleep in their own beds.


When they first came to us they knew nothing about hygiene or anything else. The only skill they had was how to use a spoon. We taught them everything. How to get changed, take a shower, wash their hair, brush their teeth, use toilet paper and wash hands.


Vladimir was 7 when he came to us and couldn’t read at all. Now he is very kind and gives everyone a hug. In our family, we hug each other as a sign of love and appreciation.


Eugene is a rough boy with a lot of anger. He is the oldest and had it tough. He had to get food from tombstones at the cemetery and he used to steal in stores. People abused him and his parents betrayed him. He took the longest to open up to us and accept us as parents. But now he has formed a strong bond with my husband. He loves to hug very tight and he fights for justice.


The kids have only been with us for 2 years. In such a short time, we have many victories. We hope with time they will change, care for others, receive our love and learn to love back. The Lord has called me and my husband to serve such kids. We see how our prayer, reading the Bible, and worship brings kids to God.


Thank you very much MPI for partnering with us in our ministry. You touched our lives with your help. Thank you. May God keep you all and help.