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Our Impact: Getting Emergency Aid into Desperate Hands

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

While the war is raging, we getting food, medicine, water, and other emergency supplies into the hands of those who need them. God has opened new doors for us to work in partnership with local pastors and leaders both in Poland and Western Ukraine. Together, we are doing whatever we can to help in this humanitarian crisis.

Some of our partners are already housing refugees. We are honoured to work with people who have opened their doors freely to anyone in need. Most refugees are arriving with few personal possessions. Too many have no homes to return to.

Caring for the millions of now displaced citizens is very difficult and costly. Often facilities need retrofitting, clothing and hygiene supplies need to be purchased and of course, people need to be fed every day. Most need counseling as they deal with deep trauma.

In addition to helping supply the needs of families taking refuge in Poland or Western Ukraine, we are also purchasing food, medicine, and hygiene supplies in Poland or Western Ukraine. Trucks of food get filled and then driven into vulnerable areas of Ukraine, like Odessa, and Kharkiv. We were even able to get a load of bottled water into a town named, Chernihiv (north-east) where an oil storage facility was destroyed spilling the oil into the ground. They have no drinkable water. By God’s mercy, we were able to give people water to survive.

Each of these operations is dangerous, but these convoys are often the difference between life and death. They are saving lives!

In the past two months, your support has enabled us to get emergency supplies into desperate, waiting hands. Thank you for partnering with us in this crisis!

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