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Hope in the Darkness: The Miracle of Water

Ukraine is in the midst of the biggest crisis since the start of the war. Their electrical grid is being targeted and damaged. Ukraine is now struggling to reroute power and keep the electricity in for most of the country. Some smaller towns are now going without electricity for days at a time. Even the capital city of Kyiv was without hydro for several days.

Tragically, it is not only the lights that go out when homes are without electricity. Usually, homes also lose heat and water. For most, heaters, furnaces, and water pumps all need electricity to function.

We have been hard at work supplying materials and funding for alternative heating and electricity solutions. Several weeks ago, we encouraged (and funded) Pastor Alexei in Kremenets, Ukraine to purchase two gas-powered generators for their church as a backup.

We have been helping Alexei complete a new building in Kremenets for Tree of Life Church. We all are praying that this will be a place of warmth and safety for those in Kremenets as the war continues. There are thousands of displaced people in this small town, brought there by war, and Alexei and his team have already been serving them with gifts of food, clothing, and firewood.

The massive power outages have reached even this community in Western Ukraine. But Alexei's church now has both a well AND a generator. Because we helped them to purchase TWO generators, one is now being used for the builders inside the church building, and the second is being used FULL-TIME to pull water out of their well!

Alexei posted on Facebook so that anyone who wanted to come and get free, clean water could. You can see the pictures of the water distribution below. Now so many people are coming to the church property to get water that the pump burned out and they had to buy another. People's lives are being saved with clean water from the well.

Tree of Life Church is able to supply drinking water to this community because of our donors! I am humbled and grateful.

This is what hope in the darkness looks like to me.

Here is a short video you can watch with Alexei demonstrating one of the new generators. You can see that the generator is running and the workers are still working on the interior of the building.

You can help provide more generators or support other heat replacement initiatives by clicking on the button below. Help save lives in Ukraine today!


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