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Life-Changing Ministry in Ukraine

Many Pastors are doing whatever they can to reach out during the pandemic. Throughout this year we have supported them by providing emergency aid all around Ukraine. Above are some photos of people receiving emergency supplies and hope in Christ through our partner Pastors.


From Vasily and Irina Belec

Vasily and Irina Belec from God’s Gift Church in Kiev have a vision to help hopeless and hurting people in small villages in rural Ukraine. The ministry began with the village children. You heard the testimony of Anya last month and how God has impacted her life and the lives of her family. This is what Vasily says about how this ministry is growing in 2020

We have had a challenging time operating our ministry during COVID. We have been unable to hold our regular children’s meetings. Because we come from the city, the people in the village are terrified that we are bringing the virus with us. Whenever we visit, even when we are bringing food families are desperate for, someone usually calls the police on us.

We have worked hard to disciple families in these villages. We currently have 3 families that are ready to be baptized and released into ministry to their neighbours. This is a God given solution! Because they are locals, no one calls the police on them and no one is afraid of them.

We are currently working in 7 villages and hoping to expand to 8 more in the area. God is drawing people to Him in these difficult days. We are so grateful to see people repenting and growing in Christ after years of sowing into their lives.


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