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Life Still Wins: After One Year of War

It has now been one year since war broke out in Eastern Europe. We typically use the term “anniversary” to mark the passage of years. It implies a joyous celebration of some kind. But as we mark this anniversary of war, it’s easy to wonder what there is to celebrate. Tragedy? Death? How is that something to celebrate?

Yet I know without a doubt that God is using us to bring LIFE in the middle of this “machine of death.” With a joyful heart, I do mark this anniversary in my heart because I don’t serve a God of death. I serve Jesus Christ who conquered death. I serve the AUTHOR of LIFE!

Because I am deeply moved by people’s tragic circumstances, and propelled by compassion, I take action. But what gets me truly excited and fuels my heart is the hope and healing I see being planted in devastated lives. As we give practical gifts to rescue people, and as we help Christian leaders have resources to actively share Christ, I see the Father healing the brokenness. The life that God brings to people’s hearts always wins the battle.

Can I share a short story with you?

A young mother named Svetlana came to Kremenets from the town of Bakhmut in Eastern Ukraine. Svetlana and her six-year-old son arrived in Kremenets with nothing. Svetlana recently learned that her husband, who stayed behind in Bakmhut, died fighting in the army. Svetlana became severely depressed. We helped Pastor Alexei and his team give the family food and winter clothing. Alexei has spent time ministering to Svetlana and encouraging her. Because of the love and compassion she received, they have a new sense of hope, and Svetlana is finding freedom from depression.

I do celebrate this anniversary because for the lives we are reaching, it means finding the One who conquered sin and death. Yet there are still many people, like Svetlana, who only see a somber anniversary of tragedy. So I invite you to partner with us in our incredible adventure of life restoration. Will you be a part of bringing the life-giving power of Christ’s Gospel to these shattered hearts?


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