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Limitless Love

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

I always think of May as a month of promise. I look forward with eager anticipation to more time outdoors, and to the blooms on my favourite flowering trees. I’m also feeling a renewed sense of purpose this spring as we begin to re-engage in some of those activities we have been missing. It’s like a breath of fresh spring air.

Because our world bears the imprint of God’s majestic handiwork, the physical world around us always reflects deeper spiritual principles. Spring is no exception. Even through the coldest, harshest winter, the potential for new life is always under the surface of the ground waiting for just the right conditions to spring forth in all its glorious beauty.

May is also the month for planting. Sowing and harvesting are powerful metaphors in scripture. This agricultural imagery symbolizes the potential for renewed spiritual life. Like flowers beneath the soil, the potential for spiritual new life in people is just waiting for the Son, the Light, to bring it forth.

These metaphors are relatable to our daily life. Even today, we understand how critical sowing, and harvesting are. We all need to eat!

Talking about feeding people in Ukraine in May is not unusual for us. But that conversation has taken on an entirely new level of urgency. We are now concerned about millions of people who are displaced from their destroyed homes, without resources, and completely reliant on others to eat. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.