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Tidings of Comfort and Joy

I don’t know about you, but I love the Christmas season. I enjoy the decorations, the family gatherings and the food. One of my favourite parts of Christmas is the lovely carols, like the one above. I love the beautiful melodies and the magnificent lyrics that trumpet the hope of a Saviour born for us. Comfort and Joy... Just let those words just sit in your heart for a moment.

I know that many of our traditional Christmas celebrations might look and feel very different this year. As someone who looks forward to the Christmas season, I know it will be difficult. But I cling to the knowledge that the truths in that timeless song are not dependent on concerts, decorations or holiday meals. Christ was born into a culture with uncertainty and darkness. Yet, He said that He was the “Light of the World,” and He still is! Christ came to save us from Satan’s power. That is the Christmas truth that no pandemic can strip away from us. Jesus is our true source of Comfort and Joy!

By the abundant and matchless grace of God, we have been able to help many people in 2020. Now, in the midst of a Christmas season like no other, we remain resolute in our determination to share good tidings of great joy. We will once again tell lost and hurting people that Jesus was born 2000 years ago to reconcile them with their creator. This is our always our Christmas priority!

Our first goal is to supply gifts and outreach tools to churches in Ukraine hosting children’s Christmas events. These community programs are exciting for children as they include gifts, special music and plays. Most importantly, the story of Jesus will be lovingly explained to each child. These events will, of course, be undertaken with the utmost care for the health of the children and their parents.

We will also help local leaders visit with lonely seniors, the disabled and poor families in their communities. MPI supplies overflowing baskets of food and gifts for each visit. These personal, caring visits are so important! Food security problems in 2020 have put many Ukrainians at risk. Sadly, this has disproportionately affected vulnerable people. That is why these baskets are such a vital accompaniment to this ministry. When we carry proof of God’s love for them in our outstretched hands it provides an enormous opportunity to share the Gospel message.

This is how I choose to focus on Comfort and Joy this Christmas. I want to share the gift of Jesus! That has always been the joy of Christmas, and this is how we can reclaim Christmas this year from the pandemonium of 2020. We share the good news that Jesus came to save us all from Satan’s power.

You can join with me this year to rescue Christmas from a world filled with darkness and fear! For $37 per child or senior, we can share the truth of this beautiful hymn with someone who needs the Light of Christ. Will you join with me in reclaiming Christmas by sharing true Comfort and Joy this year?

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