Ukraine: A Country at War

Fighting a War with the Hope of Christ (Updated September 8th)

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How We Are Changing Lives

  • We have been able to get 4000 special filter straws into the country. Each filter straw can filter thousands of liters of dirty water from puddles or contaminated lakes/rivers.

  • We have supplied thousands of dollars worth of food and medical supplies as trucks head into vulnerable cities, towns, and villages.

  • We are supporting several groups who are housing and feeding refugees These refugees, who are mostly women and children, have left everything behind. We have provided over 20,000 meals for refugees this year.

  • We have supplied agricultural tools such as greenhouses, tillers, and seedlings to a large community in central Ukraine that with our aid now has hundreds of vegetables growing that will feed people through a long winter with empty grocery stores.

  • We are helping to provide much-needed food, clothing, and hygiene supplies to several partners in Ukraine as they meet the needs of IDP's and local residents struggling due to a massive wave of unemployment.

  • We are setting our sights now on what we can do to shore up the resources of our partners around the country so that they can help keep people warm and feed them through the long winter months.

The Latest War Updates

  • Schools in Ukraine have been retrofitted with bomb shelters and teachers have been trained in how to manage the students in the event of the unthinkable happening and the school being hit.

  • Most refugee housing stays at capacity even as many Ukrainians leave Ukraine and Poland for other destinations. Housing is always at capacity. Many kids are attending school in new communities far from home.

  • Air raid sirens are going off regularly even in Western Ukraine.

  • We believe that the situation inside Ukraine will get worse as winter approaches. Local governments are already expecting more electrical blackouts, natural gas shortages, and food insecurity.


  • Some refugee housing has been in schools and other government buildings. These buildings are being "reclaimed" for the fall season meaning more stress is being put on churches and other groups who are caring for displaced people.


  • In several cities, civilians have no food or water.


  • Most cities or oblasts in the east and south are now occupied by Russian forces. 

  • People all around Ukraine are trying to stay positive, but fear is widespread. The locla churches are fighting hard to share a message of hope in the darkness. Lives are being changed because of the work they are doing.

  • The majority of the humanitarian work for civilians is being done by the local administrations in cooperation with local churches. The billions of dollars in aid being provided by western governments are going to the military.