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Ukraine: A Country at War

Fighting a War with the Hope of Christ (Updated May 2nd, 2023)

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How We Are Rescuing Lives

  • Our humanitarian intervention this spring will ​center on ensuring that people have food to eat and are able to shelter in place safely. We are investing in projects like community gardens as well as traditional emergency food supplies.


  • We are helping several groups who are housing and feeding refugees These refugees, who are mostly women and children, have left everything behind. We have provided over 20,000 meals for refugees this year.

  • We have supplied agricultural tools such as greenhouses, tillers, and seedlings to a large community in central Ukraine that with our aid now has hundreds of vegetables growing that will feed people through a long winter with empty grocery stores.

  • We are providing much-needed food, clothing, and hygiene supplies to several partners in Ukraine as they meet the needs of displaced people and local residents struggling due to a massive wave of unemployment.

The Latest War Updates

  • The electrical infrastructure has mostly stabilized. One of the largest problems facing Ukrainians today is unemployment. Widespread unemployment is causing massive food insecurity. People are struggling to survive without income.

  • Families that have been separated by war are beginning to feel the strain of separation.

  • Most of the fighting is taking place in the eastern provinces of Luhansk and Donetsk.

  • Most refugee housing stays at capacity even as many Ukrainians leave Ukraine and Poland for other destinations. Housing is always at capacity. As the winter crisis deepens inside Ukraine, many millions more are expected to arrive in Poland and elsewhere.

  • We believe that the war will likely continue in its current stalemate for some time. Exactly how long is yet unknown. 

  • People all around Ukraine are living in fear. Even local churches fighting to share hope are feeling the strain and wonder how they are still alive. Yet they continue to fight to meet the needs of their neighbors in heroic ways.

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