Ukraine: A Country at War

Fighting a War with the Hope of Christ (Updated May 9th)

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The Latest War Updates

  • Citizens are still fleeing Ukraine into neighbouring countries like Poland, Slovakia, Romania, and Moldova. These countries have graciously opened their borders but are now inundated with refugees, mostly women, and children.


  • Many of the refugees fleeing from Eastern and South-Eastern Ukraine now are the poorest of the poor, many of them gypsy families who arrive in Western Ukraine with no belongings. Some are unable to leave Ukraine because they have no paperwork.


  • Some major cities such as Mariupol are destroyed. The Ukrainian army continues to fight bravely. There are still civilians in the city of Mariupol some within the Azovstal steelworks.


  • Civilians unable to escape are sheltering wherever they can. The country is under martial law. In several cities, civilians are surviving with no food or water.


  • Most areas in east, south, and central Ukraine are extremely vulnerable. The western part of the country, understandably, is less vulnerable as it is closer to EU nations but tensions are still escalating.

  • Most of our leaders are still in their communities, but some have taken on new roles in helping with the humanitarian crisis. Those in the east are most in danger. They have told us that it is not safe to go outside as they are being targeted by the Russian forces.

What MPI is doing

  • We have been able to get thousands of special filter straws into the country. Each filter straw can filter thousands of liters of dirty water from puddles or contaminated lakes and rivers.

  • We have supplied thousands of dollars worth of food and medical supplies as trucks head into vulnerable cities, towns, and villages regularly.

  •  We are supporting several groups who are housing and feeding refugees with few resources. We are helping to provide safe shelter for Ukrainians, mostly women, and children who have left everything behind.

  • We do not currently see an end in sight for this current crisis, so we will be there to continue supplying whatever emergency help is needed.