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Photo of Executive Director Faith Woods
Made Thru Missions Presentation Logo

With Faith Woods

“Made Thru Mission” is a multi-media presentation geared for a Sunday morning church experience. It challenges Christians to consistently live out their faith according to biblical principles, to reflect the character of Christ authentically, and to have a genuine love for the Gospel. As we inspire listeners to reclaim their role as salt and light in this world, we also want to renew in them a passion for the Gospel and a desire to live out “missions” as a natural part of a daily Christian life. 

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This thirty-minute message answers questions like:

Why is authentic faith so important?

How do we continue to show love and mercy in our polarized modern culture?

Why is cultivating generosity in our lives so important?

What does the Bible say about the Kingdom of God and how it differs from the world?

What are the fundamental principles of "missions"?

What does missions have to do with genuine or authentic Christianity? 

Watch this Sneak Peek of the Presentation

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