Poverty in East-Central Europe, especially in countries like Ukraine and Belarus, is on the rise today.  There are many common needs and challenges that people living in these countries face. From low wages and unemployment to poor health care and a lack of economic stability, the average family or senior struggles on a daily basis to provide for the basic needs of themselves and their families, 



  • Economies in these post Soviet countries continue to face severe challenges like falling currencies and stalled industrial growth.

  • Unemployment and addiction have contributed to widespread poverty for many families in Ukraine and Belarus.

  • Families living in small villages are at the highest risk of experiencing poverty, parental neglect, teenage pregnancy. These issues are often exacerbated by addiction as people feel like life holds no hope.

  • For those that are employed, average wages are approximately $200US.

  • Seniors and the disabled who live on government pensions are often unable to afford food, medicine and utilities.

  • People often do not have access to better employment opportunities and have little idea how to search for those opportunities that do exist. 

  • The health care system is poorly maintained and even the resources that are available come at a cost and thus are out of reach for many. Many hospitals have antiquated equipment and have little or no modern medical technology.

  • The Oligarchy in these countries often holds back the country's economic and technological development, despite natural resources like agricultural land or forestry.

  • Quality education leading to better employment is not available to many young people making the future outlook of families bleak.

  • Fighting in Eastern Ukraine continues to plague the nation, causing great suffering for many. There are still many refugees in other parts of the country, causing problems in the larger cities with homelessness as those refugees struggle to find employment.

  • People living in the east live daily with the fear of shelling and fighting on their doorsteps and struggle with broken infrastructure like roads or stable food supplies.

  • The need for training for Pastors and other church leaders in Ukraine and Belarus is high. Many pastors begin their ministry with little or no formal theological training.

  • Many in these countries have hearts open to the Gospel, particularly those desperate for hope in the face of these social challenges.

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