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Poverty in East-Central Europe, especially in countries like Ukraine and Belarus, is on the rise today.  There are many common needs and challenges that people living in these countries face. From low wages and unemployment to poor health care and a lack of economic stability, the average family or senior struggles on a daily basis to provide for the basic needs of themselves and their families, 



  • Ukraine is at war with Russia today. Ukrainians are fiercely loyal to their country and are defending their nation. However, regardless of how the ultimate outcome of this war, or how the geopolitical landscape may change, the infrastructure of the country is being systematically destroyed. 

  • Economic security, which has always been at risk, is now severely hampered because of war and a dramatic rise in inflation.

  • Unemployment and addiction have contributed to widespread poverty for many families in Ukraine and Belarus.

  • Families living in small villages are at the highest risk of experiencing poverty, parental neglect, teenage pregnancy. These issues are often exacerbated by addiction as people feel like life holds no hope.

  • For those that are employed, average wages are approximately $200US.

  • Seniors and the disabled who live on government pensions are often unable to afford food, medicine, and utilities. In 2022, it is these elderly and disabled people who are most at risk during the war because they are unable to leave their homes due to age or illness.

  • The health care system is poorly maintained even in peaceful times. The resources that are available have always been costly for residents and are out of reach for many. Many hospitals have antiquated equipment and have little or no modern medical technology. Now, the Ukrainian health care system is virtually broken as Russian troops continue to bomb civilian targets including hospitals.

  • The Oligarchy in these countries often holds back the country's economic and technological development, despite natural resources like agricultural land or forestry.

  • Quality education leading to better employment is not available to many young people making the future outlook of families bleak.

  • Eastern Ukrainian provinces are experiencing severe fighting. There are so many trapped in their cities, towns, and homes.

  • To date, millions of refugees have left Ukraine, fleeing for neighboring European nations, most notably Poland. Many in Poland are working night and day helping to house, feed, and get travel documents for these refugees.

  • Pastors and church leaders in Ukraine are risking their lives to help get aid into Ukraine, and care for millions of displaced people. 

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