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We are a Christian International Aid Agency passionate about Rescuing the poor, sharing Hope in Christ and inspiring Purpose in Ukraine and Belarus.

Those who live in East-Central Europe today face a host of socio-economic challenges that make survival difficult for the average citizen. Our vision is to use the hope of the Gospel message combined with practical humanitarian help to meet these challenges head-on.

Let us introduce you to these fascinating countries as well as some of the common challenges faced by average families living in these countries.


Cathedral in Kyiv, Ukraine


Photo of Kyiv Overlooking the Dniper River

Kyiv, Motherland Statue

Stock photo of river in Belarus


Minsk Freedom Square

Independence Square, Minsk

Photo of Wavel castle from a distance


Photo of Central Square in Krakow, Poland

Downtown Krakow. Ukraine

I have shared in the work that is being done in Ukraine. It is important for the people here.  I’m very thankful for this experience with Mission Partners. I got to visit some of the villages here in Ukraine. I saw that people here struggle for simple things like getting water or food. This experience with MPI was a great encouragement for me."

Jon Stirtzinger, MPI Mission Team Member

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