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Rescue Lives with MPI

Ukrainians both in Ukraine and in Poland are still struggling with war, crisis, and deep uncertainty today. Because of this, the average Ukrainian family is extremely vulnerable. Personal safety, food insecurity, and lack of proper heat continue to be urgent problems, but you can bring help and hope today. (Read a story of rescue below)

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To set up monthly donations through your bank, please email us at
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Valery's Story

Valery and his wife are retired and previously lived in Ugledar of Donetsk oblast. Last year, a missile hit Valery’s house it destroyed it, but by miracle Valery and his wife survived. They got out of the house a moment before it got hit. Wearing pajamas and slippers. The next missile completely leveled the ruins of their house, garage, and barn. In a very short time everything they owned: home, car, and personal belongings were gone before their own eyes. 


They left their hometown and went to the western part of Ukraine. They came to the town of Kremenets. MPI helped the ministry team at Water of Life Church to help and connect with Valery. They were devastated to lose everything they had worked for.


Someone from Kremenets gave them a room to stay in his house, but he controlled the heat in the room. He turned it off. It was very cold inside that room. So we provided them with a large heater. We have also helped them with food and encouraged them to grow in faith. Thank you for helping Valery and his family. Thank you for sharing the Love of God through acts of kindness.

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