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Rescue Lives with MPI

Ukrainians both in Ukraine and in Poland are still struggling with war, crisis, and deep uncertainty today. Because of this, the average Ukrainian family is extremely vulnerable. Personal safety, food insecurity, and lack of proper heat continue to be urgent problems, but you can bring help and hope today. (Read a story of rescue below)

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Alina's Rescue Story

Alina with Briquettes - transparent.png

Rescue a Life
Like Alina's

Alina is a wonderful and kind woman. Like so many others, she and her family were forced to leave their homes because of the war. They came from the Kherson region to Kremenets in Western Ukraine.

Alina and her husband worked very hard to make a life in Kherson. They saved many years to have their own home. Then the war began and they were forced to leave a city under attack. 


With great sorrow, they left everything behind except their ancient vehicle. They originally intended to travel to Europe, but their car did not quite make the journey. It broke down in Kremenets. 

Thankfully, they met one of MPI's partners, Pastor Alexei from Water of Life Church. He and his team are helping refugees like Alina get the support they need to live. Together we have provided food, clothing, and other basics for survival.

Before winter arrived, we were able to take Alina and her family a full load of special peat briquettes that will keep their family warm all winter. 

"Thank you Mission Partners for helping my family survive." 


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