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Our Story

Mission Partners International or MPI was started in 1995 by a Canadian pastor from London, Ontario Canada named Ron Garrison.

In the summer of 1991, Ron was invited to visit the USSR on a ‘tourist visa’ to secretly meet with believers in the Soviet Republics of East-Central Europe. He was smuggled from city to city and from one secret prayer meeting to the next. Those prayer meetings had one focus: opening the Soviet Union for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and ending the heavy persecution of Christianity under Soviet communist rule. 

Ron & Heather at MT School  2 May 09.jpg
Ron & Heather Garrison

As one of the first organizations active on the ground in a newly opened mission field, MPI founders forged a new and exciting path for the hope of Jesus Christ and the good news of the Gospel to be shared with people who had been isolated and oppressed.

Since that day, together with our local partners, we have worked tirelessly to bring Rescue, Hope, and Purpose to people suffering in poverty and in need of the hope of Jesus Christ in the countries of East-Central Europe. 

Our goal is to minister to people the way Christ did by meeting not only their spiritual needs with the truth of the Gospel but also the deep physical and emotional needs that are acutely accentuated by war-induced trauma.

Our focus on unity and partnership provides the strength and resources needed to drive long-lasting, authentic life transformation. We know that we are better when we work together for a common goal and that the church of God CAN make a difference.

Whether it is giving out emergency supplies like food or blankets for the vulnerable, providing timely help for families in poverty, investing in sustainability projects, or advocating for the "boot-on-the-ground" ministers who serve people daily, everything we do makes a life-long impact on the lives of people in need and demonstrates the indescribable love of Jesus Christ

God has placed Mission Partners at a critical juncture in history. While the world is facing a growing confrontation between East and West, MPI is ministering to people in need. Together with our partners, we are ready to be used by God to accomplish His saving work.


Our vision and mission is clear. We are passionate about addressing the physical needs of people in poverty in East-Central Europe as war and crisis continue because of the ongoing war in Ukraine. While meeting these humanitarian needs, we remain steadfast in sharing hope in Christ as the eternal answer for such temporal darkness. 

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