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Mission : Food

Feeding theVulnerable

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With a terrible war tearing communities apart and disrupting the food supply in the country, food insecurity is a serious problem today. This adds to the already complex social issues like unemployment, depression, child abandonment, teen pregnancy, poor education, malnutrition, and substance abuse are all a part of this growing family poverty.


With thousands of families in crisis across Ukraine, we need to act swiftly to help children and their parents before it's too late. Children should not have to worry about whether they will eat today. 


We can work together to help families survive difficult situations. With each and stand with them as they navigate the most challenging circumstances of their lives.

Your gift is an investment into the future of these families in poverty. With every gift, you are providing an opportunity to discover the love of God and the hope of the Gospel. Each gift provides simple basic food like flour, sugar, rice, buckwheat, and oil. This food supplement can make all the difference in ensuring the health and survival of thousands of vulnerable people.


Our local ministry teams are always ready, "boots-on-the-ground," reaching out to those who are most vulnerable and in need in their community. Each one is passionate about sharing the love of God during each encounter.

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