The Sustainable Agriculture Initiative 

Feeding Ukrainians Living in Poverty


Poverty is rising in Ukraine today. There are thousands of families, children, and seniors in poverty today. Complex social issues like unemployment, depression, child abandonment, teen pregnancy, poor education, malnutrition, and substance abuse are all a part of this growing family poverty.


With thousands of families in crisis across Ukraine, we need to act swiftly to help children and their parents before it's too late. Children should not have to worry about whether they will eat today. Parents can be given tools and training to make use of resources they already have, like land, to feed themselves and even begin a small business that will feed others beyond their own family.


Communities can work together to increase sustainability, grow, connect with each other and become strong.

Your gift is an investment into the future of these families in poverty. With every gift, you are providing sustainable long-term solutions to this growing poverty problem. Each gift will help provide vital infrastructure and tools needed during the entire season like wheelbarrows, sprinklers and hoses, small greenhouses, and seeds.


Our key partners are already on the ground, working on these new gardens and teaching families. Your gift help to build stronger families and sustainable communities! 

We cannot do this alone! Your contribution is vital in making this initiative happen!

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