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Ukrainian Pastors Praying for Ukraine and Canada

In late May, we asked some of our overseas partners who are living and ministering in Ukraine for a favor. We asked them to shoot a video praying for Canada and Ukraine and for our supporters.

We asked three of our core partner pastors. They told us they would be happy to do that for us.

Everyone we work with is so grateful for the help they receive. You make it possible for people to get the support they need to survive and thrive. Because of you, these churches can stay open and continue to be a safe place for people to receive love and care. The pastors have told us how much our partnership helps them feel less alone.

Last fall we were visiting with one of the pastors, Pastor Alexander from Hope Church Boryspil. Sunday was so busy with church and outreach events. We barely had a chance to talk. But Monday morning we sat in his office for several hours. He openly shared his heart. We talked about his church, and how projects were going. It was a nice time chatting. Then eventually he just looked at me and said, "Why did you come here? No one comes here."

He was very surprised that we left the safety of Canada and traveled all that way just to spend a few days with them. My answer was clear. "It is an honor. We care about you." He didn't know what to say. But he was moved by our bravery and kindness.

These pastors feel revived and strengthened when we take the time to talk to them, pray with them, and ask how they are doing. They already pray for us (and for you) all the time. This was their chance to pray on video so that you could see their faces and join in with them.

By mid-June, we began to receive the videos back from them. I watched each video carefully on my computer. Each one shared how much people are struggling, and how grateful they are for us. What struck me with each pastor, however, was how much of their prayer was spent asking God to protect their people and to give them the strength to endure.

The video below is a gift from them to you. I pray you feel blessed as you watch it.

Will you join me in committing to praying for these pastors, our ministry teams, and the people of Ukraine who continue to face challenges we can barely imagine?


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