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Providing Warm Spaces for Winter


This fall, we began work on a shared project at Hope Church in Boryspil, Ukraine (Central Ukraine, outside the capital Kyiv). We want to give people in the community a warm place to shelter. We already know that there will be no natural gas to heat people’s homes this winter. For those that don’t already have a house with a wood-burning stove, the situation is critical.

Pastor Alexander spoke of his desire to install a small temporary wood-fired boiler on the side of their church building so some people could gather to stay warm. But this smaller boiler would heat only the first floor. We knew we could do better. We asked them to put in a boiler big enough to heat the entire building AND to build a permanent structure to house both the boiler and wood enough to last the whole winter season.

Construction has already begun on the enclosure (see photos above). They are well on their way to being ready for winter. I know that Hope Church will live up to their name this winter. They will be a place of HOPE. They will be a place where people can go to stay warm, get a hot meal, and hear the message that they are not alone.

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