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Rescuing Families: Rural Belarus

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

We regularly visit the children and families in different villages where we have our evangelistic camps. We bring food packs or just come with a few treats to encourage families and bring hope and prayer. Recently I received a special request to pray for two families in different villages who desperately needed food and help.

Daniel is a 13 years old boy, from B..... He was at our evangelistic camps and started going regularly to church. Because his single mother is struggling with alcohol addiction, he spends most of his time on his own. Recently he played with friends near a transformer booth and there received a severe electric shock. D. needed hospital care. He underwent four skin grafting operations on both legs, stomach, face, arm, bypass of two fingers. Because of an aortic burst on his lip, D. lost 1.5 liters of blood. He needed several operations. He now needs the constant supervision of a cardiologist. His grandmother takes care of Daniel and the children. The grandmother herself is ill and needs expensive medications. Please pray for this family and for Daniel’s health problems.

There is another family with five children. Several in the family were infected with the coronavirus. They live in the village of K.... This family is very poor. Their father works at a collective cattle farm. It is very difficult to find another job, and the collective farm will not let him go. The mother used to work at school as a janitor. Now she is pregnant.

We visit regularly with this family. We spend time teaching the children lessons about Christ and talk and pray with these parents. They struggle now with getting enough food because of coronavirus. This family needs a lot of support and we are helping them however we are able.

Andrei Shaitar

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