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When Children are Rescued by Loving Families

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

One of our long-time partners in Ukraine, Alexei and Tanya Tyzenko, formed Faith, Hope and Love Foster Family Association because they are passionate about rescuing neglected and abandoned children. Each family fosters many children who have tragically suffered without proper parental care.
These children have lived their short lives in unimaginable emotional trauma. The Association was formed so that each foster family would have a support group. They help each other emotionally and often share their limited resources in order to provide safe, healthy, and happy homes for these wounded and broken kids. Mission Partners, along with a faithful group of supporters in Newfoundland, give these families extra support every year by providing staple food supplies to get them through the challenging winter months.
Note: Our new school lunch initiative is aimed at helping children in other communities who are still living with broken families to have at least one stable meal a day. We can and must rescue children in multiple ways because every child deserves love and care!

Two years ago, we adopted Dima from an orphanage where he had spent two years. The orphanage left a deep psychological scar on Dima’s life and character. He grew up with a mother who was an alcoholic. He was neglected and deprived of love and care. While living with his mom, he spent his days wandering around dumpsters looking for scraps. Many days he couldn’t find any food and was left hungry. He had missed many days of school. At the age of 10, he had only spent 3 weeks in school and couldn’t read or write.

Another one of our foster children, Yaroslav, who has been with us for seven years, has been a great help to Dima. They are the same age and go to the same class. They are best friends!

Last year, Dima enrolled in Karate. No one expected him to do well, but he has already won several tournaments. We are happy and proud of Dima. He has changed so much!

When he first came, he didn’t have any idea about personal hygiene. In two years, Dima has learned to read, write, and confidently pursues goals in life. He dreams of having a military or sports career. As his parents, we love him and we want to help him to reach his goals. Natalia


This is Max and Sasha. This is one of the first pictures we took after we rescued them. They were abandoned by their mother. Neighbours found the boys in their apartment starving and sick.

After meeting them in the hospital, I started visiting them, feeding them, and playing with them. Although we already had four kids, I felt moved to take them in and foster them. Today, Max and Sasha are healthy and happy boys. Maria

Max and Sasha


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