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Blankets for the Poor: Stories from God's Gift Church

This is granny Anna.

"We gave her a blanket as she was on her way to visit and take care of her daughter in the hospital. Anna attends our local church meetings regularly. A few months ago, Anna asked Pastor Vasily for prayer for her eyes. She had a tumor in one eye, and the other eye had a cataract. Pastor Vasily anointed Anna with oil and prayed for her. During service, she testified that the tumor had disappeared and her eyes had recovered. She is very grateful for the blanket and wishes that the Lord will bless you for your kind hearts."

Dasha’s parents are alcoholics.

"She is frequently left alone. Often she is locked out of her home all night. Sometimes, the neighbors or her aunt take her in for the night and feed her. We know that Dasha does not eat regularly, or sleep well, and she often cries from loneliness. She looks forward to our visits. Thank you very much on behalf of Dasha for the new blanket. We gave her the blanket in her aunt’s house because her parents were too drunk for us to meet her at her home. To Dasha, the blanket is an expression of love and care from Jesus Christ Himself.”

Kate lives in a tiny, old house.

"She lives with her mother, father a younger brother, and her grandparents. They all share one small room. Kate always attends our children’s services with great joy. Several years ago our church helped the family to buy bunk beds for the children they had no bed at all. Mission Partners has now blessed Kate with a blanket. She was so happy to have a blanket of her own that she rolled around with it wrapped tightly around herself."

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