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Does God Talk to Us as We Pray Today?

MPIConnect Story: Prayer Requests with Praying Hands

Is God speaking to you today? To even ask that question of yourself requires a moment of introspection. As I look at our modern world, I find self-examination to be a surprisingly rare discipline. But how can we discover who God is, or what He wants to say to us without spending time listening to Him with a heart open to reflection?

As followers of Christ, we are vulnerable to society’s tendency towards busyness and distraction. We don’t always give purposeful or intentional space to looking inward and upward. When we don’t spend time with God, our faith gets shoved into an ever-smaller corner of our week, often only on Sunday morning. The result is that our knowledge of God and His truth gets distorted.

I always find my time with God to be special. Lately, I’ve found the book of John very meaningful. In Chapter 5 verses 19-47, Jesus answers the angry Pharisees upset about the healing of a lame man. He tells the religious leaders plainly that if they truly knew God and understood the words of Moses that they claimed to know they would have no confusion about who he was or what he came to do.

This is still true today. God can’t reveal Himself to those who don’t earnestly seek and listen. If you take time to spend with God, it will strengthen your faith and embolden your prayer life. In fact, your prayers are an incredibly valuable way to be part of our ministry. We need committed people of God boldly interceding for us. Here are a few prayer prompts for you to take to the Lord on our behalf.

  • Pray that God would give Pastors and Leaders across Ukraine daily strength to continue to courageously serve vulnerable and war-traumatized people in their communities.

  • Pray that, as people in East-Central Europe turn to the church for answers, they will find an eternal hope in Christ that no war of man can destroy.

  • Pray for MPI Canada that God would give us wisdom and favor as we build relationships and work to reach as many lives in crisis as possible.

You are a vital part of our mission to impact the lives of the vulnerable and broken in East-Central Europe. Will you partner with us today? Monthly gifts maximize our outreach efforts and help us to be as effective as possible. Thank you for your sacrificial gifts and your faithful prayers for us.

Graphic in blue saying "Your Gifts Change Lives"

I want to thank everyone who prayed for our team as we traveled this past September. I was so encouraged to see with my own eyes how your investments are saving lives and changing hearts. I met people who have been the recipients of your financial gifts and who have been impacted by your prayers. I want to share one of the most special experiences.

Earlier this year, I shared with you a story of a family from Mala Antonivka. Sasha, his Mom Larissa, and several children are being ministered to by the God’s Gift Church ministry team. This is a new family that needed urgent help. They had no running water in their home and the children were using the woods as a toilet.

We’ve given this family extra food (like sugar and tea) as well as the needed supplies to install a proper washroom inside the home. When we visited, Sasha was so grateful for the much-needed help for the children. They were also clearly incredibly grateful for the love and care shown by Pastor Vasily and his team.

I learned from the team, that after we left, the whole family accepted Christ and was baptized!

Investments from the MPIConnect Support Family made this physical and spiritual healing possible. Your prayers changed hearts forever! Below is a video of this family's transformation.

Together, we can impact the lives of thousands more, just like Valery and his wife. As we continue to meet urgent needs, we are sharing the hope and love of Jesus Christ in a tangible and lasting way. Will you partner with us so that we can reach more vulnerable hearts and work more effectively? Thank you to all those who partner with and pray for our ministry.

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