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Emmanuel, God With Us

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Every December, I get pretty excited about Christmas. I’ve shared my love for the Christmas season with you in the past. I love everything about it: the Sparkly Decorations, the Twinkly Lights, the Fragrant smell of Evergreen, the Gift Giving, the Indulgent Food, and of course, the Music! Ahh, the music. All these components of Christmas have a timeless quality to them and the eager anticipation of them is deeply ingrained in our culture.

But as much fun as Christmas is, as lovely as the sparkles and lights are, and as meaningful as time with family can be, it’s ultimately incomplete without “Emmanuel, God with us.” Sometimes we get so caught up in the exterior trappings and embellishment that accompany this beautiful holiday that we lose sight of the reason we have to celebrate in the first place.

True joy and celebration come from the knowledge that Jesus came to ransom us while we were yet captives, lost in our own sin. We rejoice because Emmanuel, the son of the living God came to free us from Satan’s tyranny, forever.

There’s nothing wrong with the cultural traditions of Christmas. As I do every Christmas, I will enjoy all of them. But I will revel in the fact that the Rod of Jesse, the Dayspring, gave me victory oe’r the grave and put death’s dark shadows to flight, in my own life. And I rejoice because my ransom isn’t valid only during the month of December, it’s forever.

Every Christmas we take the message of “Emmanuel, God with us” to as many people across the country of Ukraine as we can. There are so many people who still need to hear that the Son of God came to ransom them. Through small Christmas events for kids and home visits for families and seniors, we will make safe the way that leads on high for many. Both events and visits will include individual gifts and special food packages including luxury items like fresh fruit. This year the Christmas miracle I’m believing in is that we will reach more people than ever before!

This is my open invitation to you. Your partnership and support propel our collective vision. It is my joy to carry out your passion for the lost. Together, we can meet our goal to reach more people this year. We can share the incredible message of a Saviour born for us with people who don’t yet know Jesus. And maybe in the process, we can rekindle a love for Emmanuel, the son of God within our own hearts.

Have a joyous Christmas,


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