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"How can community gardens impact the lives of the underserved?"

Investment. This is a culturally-laden word in North America that often refers to things like retirement savings, or business ventures. A more complete dictionary definition of the word investment is: devoting, using, or giving of time, talent, emotional energy, etc., as for a purpose or to achieve something. If you look through scripture you also see a much broader view.


The words of Jesus recorded by Matthew in Chapter 25 explain to believers how God views the principles of preparation and investment. The parables of the Ten Virgins, followed by The Talents and then The Final Judgment are often not seen as part of the same story, but if you read the whole chapter in order you begin to see a broader picture of what Jesus is saying.


Be prepared and live as if Jesus is coming back at any time. Until then, the work of God’s Kingdom has been entrusted to us (Acts 1:8). We’ve each been given talents and resources to contribute to that work (1 Corinthians 12). Use your gifts to invest in the Kingdom so that it multiplies and grows. Invest in people - the hungry, the thirsty, the lost, and the broken (James 1:27). This is the true walk of faith.


Through Mission Partners, you are already acting on those principles. You are investing in the hungry, the thirsty, and the broken. This is our vision and our mandate.


Our investment this year into the Hope Church community gardens and greenhouses will continue to pay “dividends” both naturally and spiritually through the hard years to come in Ukraine. The ministry team that plants, tends, and harvests from these gardens understand how vital they are. Every day they see the devastating consequences of war and widespread food instability.


The yield from the gardens continues to allow the church to feed people all year in multiple ways from hot meals to food distribution. In every context, they share the message of Jesus.


The team is ready to increase their output and expand the project this spring. We have an opportunity right now to invest in the physical and the spiritual future of Ukrainians who are hungry, thirsty, lost, AND broken. The fields are white for the harvest.

Will you join me and make your investment by donating today?


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