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Inspired to Action: Loving the Orphaned

What comes to mind when you think about the word “faithfulness?” The dictionary defines the word faithfulness as “the fact or quality of being true to one’s word or commitments, as to what one has pledged to do, professes to believe."

Recently, there was a huge thunderstorm where I live. We were without power for three days. I quickly realized that we put a lot of “faith” in electricity. Without it, we have no refrigeration, no internet, and before long, no “smart” phones.

Often the things that we put the most faith in every day are in fact like grains of sand on a beach. They easily dissolve in a storm. The question is, “Where do you put your faith?” In your material possessions? Your friends? Your spouse? What about God?

God’s faithfulness is never deficient, but our understanding of it often is. It is more natural as humans to doubt and fret than to live and act according to the unending faithfulness of God. The Israelites of the Old Testament experienced more obvious, visible miracles than I will likely experience in my lifetime, yet they still struggled to trust that God was with them.

Often, the problem is that we want God to do things our way, and on our timeline. “God help me now! God fix this situation, or change this person for me.” When seasons of struggle inevitably come, we cannot lose sight of God’s faithfulness, because, like the Israelites, God never leaves us.

For months, there has been an ugly war in Ukraine. Though we could see the signs, we still find we are in shock. Our three-day electricity problem is nothing compared to what many in Ukraine are experiencing. We’re grieved by the damage being done to people’s lives! Yet I know that, even in the midst of this storm, God’s faithfulness is not flawed or insufficient.

The outcome of the war in Ukraine is still uncertain. We know that many more men, women, and children will face difficult days ahead. I will continue to lament, and I will grieve, but I will also let the Father’s love and His faithfulness inspire me to respond and to take action. I can’t end the war, but I can fight against human suffering. I can bring hope to human hearts.

This war has caused millions of children to experience loss, separation anxiety, and even PTSD. They have been separated from fathers, fled demolished homes, been orphaned, and are now relying on the generosity of others for their daily survival. After thirty years of caring for children in poverty, never did we foresee that we would be helping to pick up the broken pieces of lives torn apart by war.

For a moment, just imagine being a child who has left your entire life behind without fully understanding why. You and I can be a powerful impact today on these children who are suffering unimaginable pain. Will you help me love the fatherless today?

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