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When Children Are Devastated by War

We are helping to feed and care for the daily needs of hundreds of kids whose lives have been devastated by war. From supplying meals and food packages to clothing and hygiene items, we are actively responding to the crisis. Since March, we have provided over 18,000 meals to refugee families now taking shelter in Poland, and we have provided 500 kg of food to 60 vulnerable families living near Russian-occupied areas. We have also helped to provide safe shelter to hundreds of families.

This is Darina. She is almost ten years old. I thought she was very sweet and I quickly learned that she is also very smart. We both played checkers and snakes and ladders and she won. She loves art and music and can speak multiple languages.

Darina, her Mom Ina, and Grandma Tatyana are from the town of Zaparozhia. When war broke out, Ina and Darina were visiting Kyiv. When the shelling began, Ina’s friends called her. Instead of returning home, they fled from Kyiv with only a single small backpack of belongings. They had only packed for a day trip. Ina’s only goal was just to get across the border to someplace safe. Ina’s husband was in the army, and he had died. They were on their own. Tatyana, Ina's Mom joined them later from Zaparozhia.

By God’s grace, Ina found a pla