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Light the Night

Where I live, January is usually the coldest and darkest month of the year. Some people love winter, but most of us just endure it and wait for spring. After weeks of Christmas celebrations, we put away our shiny decorations and feel like we’ve “comforted and joyed” ourselves out. Sometimes it seems like, come January, we take the joy of remembering that Jesus came into the world and we stuff it into the same storage bin as our Christmas lights.

John records in his gospel (Chapter 8 verse 6) that Jesus says: “I am the Light of the World.” I think we sometimes undervalue the power of that statement. Our world is filled with a pervasive darkness that permeates every part of human existence. The answer to that darkness is not bound by our finite humanity, cannot be erased by tragedy or circumstance, and is not diminished with time. People in this world need that answer. Jesus didn’t just bring light, Jesus is the Light! He is enough to drive away the darkness in every heart, in the whole world, for all eternity!