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Standing Together in Love and Solidarity

I always think of September as a month of transition. We are transitioning away from a summer vacation mindset back to things like cooler temperatures, fall routines and school. However, 2020 has proven many times over to be anything but normal! Many of us, including myself, are still feeling uncertain about what the coming months will bring. Will there be a second wave of the virus? Will children and teachers be safe at school? What will happen with our federal government? I also look at the world around me and see more widespread division, conflict, injustice, mistreatment and fear than I ever remember in my own lifetime.

My heart today is broken for the horrible injustices that our partners in ministry are sharing with us from the country of Belarus. We don’t talk about Belarus as often as Ukraine, but this month, I feel that I must step up to be an advocate on behalf of people who are experiencing terrible suffering. Maybe you have heard, however briefly on the news, about what has been going on in the last few weeks after the recent presidential elections. Hearing about Belarus on the news is a rare occurrence in North America, which speaks volumes about the seriousness of the situation.

Protests in Belarus August 2020