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The Power of Choice

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Ukrainian Girl in Village

It’s August. I can hardly believe that over four months of this pandemic lifestyle have really passed. In so many areas, it seems like life is outside our control, so many things about which have no choice. For example, I am sure that the question on the minds of those who have school aged children or grandchildren is probably, “Are they going back to school?” Two of my children are still in school and that question is certainly on my own mind.

COVID restrictions have been so difficult for us as adults, that sometimes we forget the collateral damage that it has had on our children. Children all over the world have been told that they can’t go to school, they can’t play with their friends or play at their local park. They have had massive changes to their routines. Many children have probably experienced anxiety because of the extraordinary changes in their lives.

The opportunity to absorb new information, learn critical thinking and practice executive skills all help children mature into thinking, responsible, productive adults in society. As Christian parents, we also want to ensure that our children learn about their loving Creator and about Christ’s sacrifice for them. Learning multiple subjects is not just a optional asset for children, but a necessary part of the process of them growing up. Whatever format this coming year’s schooling takes, parents will have to make sure it is as successful as possible because their child’s future relies on it.

After hearing people’s stories in Ukraine, I would propose that quality education may be even more crucial for Ukrainian children. For example, if a Ukrainian child can successfully learn English, there are a multitude of opportunities that are opened to them. English speaking skills would help them to qualify for a job at a foreign company that would pay them a living wage, far better than the typical $160US minimum wage most earn. Education is an opportunity to break out of the cycle of poverty that has so many people trapped.

I don’t know what Ukrainian schools will look like in September any more than I know what our schools will look like. What I do know is how important it is to invest in the future of children. I know how much I want to see children flourish and grow. This is why every August we raise money for school supplies for children in poverty. Faced with the uncertainties of our future both at home and in Ukraine, I think it’s even more urgent than ever that we give children the support they need to learn, grow and flourish.

Right now, I am making plans to provide a Special Learning Package to children across Ukraine. In this package I want to include things like Christian Books to teach children that they are loved by God, Educational Books that will help children continue to learn subjects, like English, at home. Other items could include school supplies like pens, pencils and notepads. The average package will cost about $27 per child.

I know that one of the biggest frustrations of 2020 is how much of our daily lives seem to be outside of our control. We seem to have fewer choices than ever as we collectively work to eliminate a microscopic enemy. I may not be able to affect those day to day limitations around you, but I can return to you the power of your choice. YOU can still change the world for the Kingdom of God, even now. I can guarantee that if you partner with me and choose to invest in the lives of children that you are unleashing the potential of an entire future generation. Will you grasp hold of the power to choose today and help EVEN ONE CHILD?

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