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Guard the Deposit

One of the bright moments of this unpredictable, uncertain world we are living in is the few minutes I set aside each day to read God’s Word. 2nd Timothy Chapter 1 has really grabbed my heart lately. It is a beautiful picture of someone courageously sharing the truth of the Gospel. But it is verse 14 that has been like a laser to my heart. It says, “By the Holy Spirit who dwells within us, guard the good deposit entrusted to you. (ESV)”

What is this “good deposit” and why does Paul use the word “guard?” Well, in verses 1 to 13 Paul is talking about Timothy’s own calling to: Unashamedly share the testimony of salvation in a risen Christ! When we guard something, we protect it from loss or theft. Paul was counselling Timothy to guard the truth, keep it in his heart, and protect his own ministry purpose.

What about the deposit in our own hearts? Are we carefully guarding the truth of the Gospel? If that charge includes sharing our testimony of Christ with others, are taking every opportunity to do that? This IS the mission of every church and every believer.

The last year's stress has understandably caused many to withdraw into self-protection mode. However, I know that if we don’t determine in our hearts to prioritize Christ’s Gospel, then our comittment to the mission of the church will start to erode like sand beneath a wave. The pandemic has put tremendous pressure on everyone. Physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are exploding around the world. I read an alarming statistic that said absolute poverty impacted almost HALF of the population of Ukraine last year! I cannot fathom what it would be like to be unable to afford basic food for my children!

As missionaries, I have always felt that we are called to care for people physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I want every practical investment we make in someone’s life to display God’s infinite love, to bring healing to their brokenness, and to draw them to Christ. Delivering life-saving food packages to vulnerable people is vital because each food visit accomplishes those goals. This is why, in the last year, we delivered more food packages than ever before as the pandemic forced thousands more families into crisis.

Every spring we offer our donors the opportunity to make that physical, emotional, and spiritual investment into people’s lives by helping us to provide these food packages. When you supply a $32 food package, you are giving much more than food. You are sharing hope in a risen Christ!

Will you guard God’s deposit in your heart today? Will you protect your calling as a believer to share the message of the Gospel? Will you step out in faith and invest in someone’s life by giving a simple food bag?


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