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How We Have Changed Lives This Year

MPI Food packages are regularly sent around the country to wherever they are needed most. Recently a team of volunteers, our trusted partners from Christian Hope Church in Kiev traveled to the eastern part of the country to take blankets and food to people in need.

The driver, Victor, shares his experience:

“Every time I visit the east, I visit this family. They live in Stanitsa Lugansk. The parents Natasha and Maxim have seven children to feed and care for. They are very poor. There is no internet service in this community at all. No one can afford frivolous things like phones or computers.

I have been visiting this family, helping with emergency needs and sharing Christ, for several years now. Praise God, this past year in 2020, they accepted Christ. After all the love we and caring Canadians have shown, they now trust God and understand that Jesus cares for them.

We brought gifts when we visited this March 2021. We had bags of staple foods, fruit, and warm blankets. We know they don’t have much. When we arrived, the kids were eating dinner. Every one of them licked their plates clean and there were absolutely no leftovers.”