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How to Bring Hope and Joy at Christmas

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Why do you celebrate Christmas? You might think that sounds like a silly question because the answer should be obvious. For some, time with family is enough of a reason. Some might focus on things like peace or joy. Others might simply answer: “Jesus our Saviour was born.” Though true, these answers are an incomplete picture of what God has accomplished through the gift of His Son. Christmas is about everlasting hope. It is the promise of an eternal and permanent restoration for a broken world. 

Maybe this Christmas doesn’t feel as joyful or triumphant as the carols of the season proclaim. When the world is in turmoil, fear easily replaces joy. We long for Christmas peace, but instead we’re distressed by the brokenness of life. The promises of peace and restoration have yet to be fully realized, so sometimes we forget that the promise is true. The angelic, “Fear Not,” wasn’t just for the shepherds, it is a message for us today to remind us that God forever answered the chaos of the human condition.

There are many people in this world experiencing daily pain and loss who have just cause to dwell on the sadness and trauma. People need the everlasting hope of Christmas. They need to hear the same message proclaimed by the angel - “A Saviour is born who is Christ the Lord.” That “good news” is still good and it still fills hearts with great joy. 

Of all those suffering in Ukraine today, it is the plight of innocent children that hurts my heart the most. How can they look forward to any kind of Christmas when they can’t even get through a school day without air raids or sleep through a night without sirens? How about those who have left everything behind to start over in a new community without home and family? Where is their comfort and joy?

This Christmas season, we want to light up the darkness with a message of hope for as many vulnerable children as possible. We are preparing with our local partners to host hundreds of children and bring them some Christmas joy. These events will bring families together for much-needed community. As they gather, they will be loved, they will hear the good news of Christmas, and every single child will receive a special gift that will bring the joy of Christmas to their hearts.

Will you help me bring the joy and light of Christmas to vulnerable children today? As you celebrate the everlasting hope of Christmas this December, I pray God fills your heart and home with peace and joy.

Kids who Need Hope and Joy this Year


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