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New Life: Challenging Death

The Bible says in 2 Timothy 1:7 that God has not given us a spirit of fear. Can you imagine for a moment how hard it would be to truly live that out during a war? War means missiles, guns, and death. Fear is not only natural but completely understandable. Yet God doesn’t want us to remain in a state of fear. He asks us to trust Him even in difficult or terrifying situations. Fear paralyzes us and causes us to miss out on opportunities to bring hope and new life to those who are desperate.

I was talking to one of our partners yesterday. Though clearly weary after three months of war, Pastor Alexander of Hope Church spoke with such gratitude for the way God has used us to impact the lives of the broken, the lonely, and the lost in their community. In fact, he smiled from ear to ear as we spoke.

I thanked God for His faithfulness as I listened to how they have housed and fed countless vulnerable people. Rather than living in fear, they have boldly stood their ground in power, in love, and with sound mind, and lives were saved as a result. They are living proof that, with God, new life can be found amid the darkest night.

For several years, we have been helping Hope Church develop sustainable agriculture infrastructure. With the help of faithful donors like you, we have been able to provide them with greenhouses, a tiller, and other vital tools. This enterprise has grown over the years into a major yearly project that helps feed people in the community.

My gratitude to God is almost beyond words because Pastor Alexander told me that the preserves they made from last year’s gardens fed many people through the first three months of war! Every investment we have made into Hope Church’s gardens has saved people from starvation.

Sadly, the war is interrupting the agricultural cycle in Ukraine. If fields cannot be planted, then grain cannot be harvested, exported, or consumed. We have been told that a key grain consumed by Ukrainian families has tripled in price. This is all during a moment in time when supplies are severely limited, and when few can work or earn an income of any kind. Future food security for Ukraine is at enormous risk.

Once again, refusing to let fear win, and pressing forward with God as their rearguard, Pastor Alexander and his team at Hope Church have already begun planting this year’s gardens. Moreover, they want to expand them. The need right now cannot be understated. Ukraine is at the risk of economic collapse and millions of people still need to eat.

Even in June, there is still time to plant. Today, you have the opportunity to invest in the people of Ukraine. Right now, you can stem the tide of rising food insecurity and ensure that many, many Ukrainians can be fed for months to come.


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