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Seeds of Renewal: Looking Ahead with Purpose

I don’t know about you, but I find myself astonished that we’re already a month into 2023. Perhaps that’s partly because I’m still contemplating the whirlwind that was 2022. During a time of such unexpected crisis and darkness, who else but God could have led us so faithfully? Common sense would say that the war in Ukraine should have limited our ability to help people. Yet in 2022, we were able to impact, touch, and change more lives than I ever imagined possible.

We felt love, support, and partnership with every prayer that was offered up on our behalf and in with every dollar that was sacrificially entrusted to us. I can say with certainty that our supporters are one of the reasons that we were able to change the outcome for thousands of Ukrainians whose lives were all but destroyed by the war.

On behalf of the lives we reached, I want to thank you for not sitting idly by waiting for the crisis to pass. Instead, you opened your heart to hurting people. Even though their world has changed forever, I feel such peace knowing that every item of food, piece of clothing, bottle of soap, and stick of firewood was a tiny seedling, injecting hope into a hopeless situation. You and I may never know the true impact on the lives we’ve touched, but God has a way of using our actions to speak life long after we’ve forgotten.

I want to use this opportunity to share my heart and vision for the coming year. 2022 was a year in which we were challenged on every front. We still face challenges with the war in Eastern Europe. Yet, I am confident in an eternal, unchanging God who leads us with purpose no matter what happens. We will continue to impact thousands of people who need help and hope. Our desire to impact broken lives physically, emotionally, and spiritually will propel us forward together.

There is a word that resonates in my heart for this year: “RENEWAL.” That is the cry, not just of my heart, but the Father’s. God wants to renew and transform lives through us together as we pray, and as we share what we have with others. Disaster, poverty, and destruction will be transformed into love, hope, and purpose.

When you finish reading this letter, I want you to just pause for a moment. Before you do anything else, pray for the people in Eastern Europe who are still living through the greatest crisis of their lives. Then, I want to encourage you to think of every gift from your heart for others in crisis, like a dandelion puff floating gently on the breeze. Each gift contains countless seeds that spread hope, rescue broken people, and heal the hurting. With the love of God as our banner and the cry of renewal on our hearts, let’s continue this incredible journey together in 2023.

In Love and Grace,


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