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While it is Day"

In Chapter 9 of his Gospel, the apostle John recounts the story of Jesus healing a man born blind. Though Jesus healed many people, in this instance, His disciples asked, “Who sinned?” Jesus gives them an interesting answer, “No one.” The man’s situation wasn’t about his or his parent’s sin. It was about glorifying the Father. This man wasn’t born to be blind, he was born to receive miraculous sight.

Jesus then says this: “We must work the works of him who sent me while it is day; night is coming when no one can work.” It might seem like we’re living in the twilight right now, but despite how it feels in this moment, the day is still here. Like Jesus, we can still do the works of the Father.

The problem is that persevering during times of darkness is often the opposite of our tendency as human beings. We often get frustrated, withdraw, or even give up. Like the disciples, we focus on blame or begin to believe that God wants us to stumble around in blindness.

After healing the blind man, Jesus talks about being the Light of the World. He also told us in the Sermon on the Mount that we are the light of the world. We have the Light, we don’t need to stumble in the dark anymore. In fact, the darker the world appears, the brighter we need to shine with the hope and the truth of the Gospel.

You may have been hearing about Ukraine in the news. Tensions with Russia are increasing and their economy is collapsing. People are frightened and desperate for hope. The outlook, seen only through my natural eyes, appears to be growing darker. Yet my spirit continues to cry out “IT IS STILL DAY!”

Our partners in ministry in Ukraine are steadfast. They feel the same urgency I do to continue sharing the message of the Gospel loud and clear. We can, even now, show people that Christ is our only true refuge.

Despite the challenges I know we face this year, I am choosing to shine brightly. In 2022, we are redoubling our efforts to love the hurting and bring freedom to the lost in Ukraine.

<<salutation>>, I urge you this year, don’t just celebrate that you have received the Light, be passionate about sharing it. Your heart for the lost is what continues to propel our vision and efforts. Will you stand with us again this year? Will you commit a small gift today to help us give hope and freedom to people in Ukraine in 2022?

“While it is Day!”


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