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Looking Ahead: Shining a Light in 2022

Read below to find an overview of some of our plans for 2022. By God’s grace, we will reach many through aid and Gospel outreach.

Child Sponsorship

In 2022, we want to expand our new “Child Sponsorship” program. We pray that what we sow into the hearts of these children in 2022 will pay great dividends in their lives. As each child continues to receive healthy food, educational opportunities, and spiritual investments, we know that their lives will be impacted both now and in the future.

Meeting Humanitarian Needs

Humanitarian outreach has always been one of the pillars of our ministry. We reach hearts for Christ as we meet people’s individual needs. We will continue to prioritize practical, humanitarian help in 2022 by supplying gifts of blankets, food, clothing, and other tangible gifts.

Sustainable Agriculture

This year we are continuing to make investments into family garden plots and larger community d agri-businesses. We believe that this is a powerful way to maximize our help to Ukrainians in poverty by giving them the tools to feed themselves.

Aid for the East

One of our top priorities in 2022 is to increase our efforts to help those living in the East. As tensions with Russia increase, so does our commitment to spreading the good news of Christ to these frightened people. In 2022, we want to visit more villages, give out more Bibles, supply more food bags, and meet many humanitarian needs.


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