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Ukraine: A Country in Crisis

How Can I Help
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"When you join the MPIConnect community, you have the opportunity to make a big impact. Together we help provide safe shelter for those in crisis, feed those who are starving, and most of all shine hope deep into the hearts of those who have lost everything."

Today, Ukrainians are fighting for their safety.


Our hearts stand with the Ukrainian people in this massive humanitarian crisis. People are frightened and in serious danger every day.


We have a mandate to fight against all forms of poverty. We can and will help the Ukrainian people during the current crisis in whatever way we are able.


Every dollar we spend is rooted in our desire to bring physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness to Ukrainians today, both those still in Ukraine and the millions who have fled into Europe for safety. 


We believe in a God who offers hope and healing, so we choose to fight every day for vulnerable people. We give a voice to those who cannot fight for themselves.


We cannot fight alone.


We know the value of collective generosity. Every single dollar matters! Your support is a critical part of our fight against poverty today. That makes you the superhero of our story. You are the one who can meet this urgent need today.

You can make a difference!


It is easy to feel powerless in the face of something as serious as war. The tragedy being experienced in Eastern Europe today is unimaginable. 

No matter what happens, we all have the power to take action on behalf of others. 

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