Who We Help

With the war in Ukraine, the needs today in Eastern Europe today are even more widespread than ever before.

Ukraine War Relief
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Many people are still living in the eastern war torn region of Ukraine which is currently occupied with troops. Supplies like food and other neccesities are scarce. Many live in fear of artillery and shelling in their area. Those who continue to live in the east haven't got the resources to locate to a safer part of the country. We bring supplies like food and blankets, to people living in these areas to keep them, warm, fed and safe.

Rescuing Families
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The needs of families have exploded since the war broke out in February of 2022. What was once primarily a rural problem is now widespread across the country as families everywhere grapple with severe food insecurity, lack of clean water, unsafe communities and homes, and war trauma. 

Impacting Children
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Children are one of the most heavily impacted demographics in the Ukraine-Russia war. Refugee children, internally displaced children, and orphans have experienced trauma that no child should. They have left their homes, lost all their belongings, or have even lost parents. Many are suffering from PTSD from constant air raid sirens and missile strikes. They need extra love and care.  

New Leader Care Program Coming Soon!

Stay tuned as this fall we unveil an all-new way of helping those who are boots-on-the-ground every day in communities across East-Central Europe. We know you will want to be just as excited as we are to be a part of this comprehensive care program for leaders and community humanitarian outreach.