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Who We Help

With the war in Ukraine, the needs today in East-Central Europe today are even more widespread than ever before.

War Relief
A man takes a selfie with a family

With the ongoing war in Ukraine, there continue to be widespread challenges for many vulnerable individuals. From war-related unemployment to infrastructure damage to unpredictable missile fire, Ukrainians are struggling to survive and care for their families.

Mission: Winter Warmth (Read More)
A man holding a box stands beside an older man holding a white heater

The needs of vulnerable people are greatly increased during the winter months when the cold weather sets in. With utilities being impacted by the war, many are struggling to survive the long cold winter. Our mission is to ensure the survival of as many people as we can.

Mission: Food (Read More)
Lady reaches over to give a bag of diapers to another lady

The needs of families have exploded since the war broke out in February of 2022. What was once primarily a rural problem is now widespread across the country as families everywhere grapple with severe food insecurity, lack of clean water, unsafe communities and homes, and war trauma. 

Mission: Kids (Read More)
A young blond boy stands outside holding a juice box

Children have been deeply impacted demographics by the war in Ukraine. Refugee children, internally displaced children, and orphans have experienced trauma that no child should. They have left their homes, lost all their belongings, or have even lost their parents. Many are suffering from PTSD from constant air raid sirens and missile strikes. They need extra love and care.  

Soul Care for Leaders
A man stands with a child in a clothing store holding a bag

When communities are in crisis, who cares for the shepherds? Most humanitarian efforts for people in crisis in East-Central Europe are being done by Christian churches and charities. However many leaders are weary and have needs that are not being met in their own lives and families. We an help care for these caregivers.

Mission: Christmas (Read More)
A boy hold an open Christmas wrapped box with a blue teddy

Of all those suffering in Ukraine today, it is the plight of innocent children that hurts the most. It is hard to conceive of the suffering that children are facing in Ukraine today. At Christmas, we want to give children a reason to smile by providing special gifts that bring them joy.

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