Who We Help

With the war in Ukraine, the needs today in Eastern Europe today are even more widespread than even one year ago.

Ukraine War Relief
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Many people are still living in the eastern war torn region of Ukraine which is currently occupied with troops. Supplies like food and other neccesities are scarce. Many live in fear of artillery and shelling in their area. Those who continue to live in the east haven't got the resources to locate to a safer part of the country. We bring supplies like food and blankets, to people living in these areas to keep them, warm, fed and safe.

Rescuing Families

We have found many examples of poverty in small villages. What we have seen breaks our hearts. We have found families living without even the most basic cooking appliances, refrigeration or beds. Many families today are trapped in Ukraine with no way of escape. Because of the war, many are struggling with food insecurity and a lack of clean drinking water. We are helping meet these needs.

Impacting Children

We are committed to impacting the lives of children in poverty in as many ways as possible. Whether we are providing exciting community programs for children in impoverished villages, meeting them for a cultural exchange in their schools, helping them with their education, or even sending them to camp, we want to do everything we can to make a difference in the lives of children in Ukraine and Belarus.

Caring for the Elderly

We regularly purchase and deliver packages of staple food items like rice, pasta, canned fish, oil and tea. We never want someone to have to choose between eating and heating their home. We also provide warm wool blankets to keep them warm in the winter.

Sponsor Community Leaders
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Supporting community leaders always helps the entire community. In Eastern Europe pastors and their communities of faith are always on the front lines when there is a humanitarian need. It is these men and women who are working countless hours during the humanitarian and refugee crisis in 2022. But they cannot fight this battle alone, especially as they themselves have few resources. So we are helping them by supporting them and the humanitarian programs they are selflessly operating.