Who We Help

These are some of the ways that we are fighting against the growing poverty in Ukraine and Belarus today!

Rescuing Families

We have found many examples of poverty in small Ukrainian villages. What we have seen breaks our hearts. We have found families living without even the most basic cooking appliances, refrigeration or beds. As we talk to these men, women and children, we sense their desperation and hopelessness. We partner with local ministers in these areas to do whatever is needed to impact families.  We help with supplying things like food, blanketsclothing, beds or safe kitchen appliances.

Impacting Children

We are committed to impacting the lives of children in poverty in as many ways as possible. Whether we are providing exciting evangelistic outreach programs to children in their own community, or meeting them for a cultural and spiritual exchange in their schools, or bringing special needs children to free therapy classes, or even sending them to a week long Christian camp, we want to do everything we can to make a difference in the lives of children around Ukraine and Belarus.

Aiding the East

Many people are still living in the eastern war torn region of Ukraine which is currently occupied with troops. Supplies like food and other neccesities are scarce. Many live in fear of artillery and shelling in their area. Those who continue to live in the east haven't got the resources to locate to a safer part of the country. We bring supplies like food and blankets, to people living in these areas to keep them, warm, fed and safe.

Feeding the Homeless

War in the eastern territories of Ukraine has led to thousands of people fleeing to safer parts of the country. But the already fragile Ukrainian economy has been ill-equipped to house and employ the large migration of people. Many of those people have been forced to live on the streets. Together with our partners, we reach out to those living on the street to provide a hot meal, prayer, counselling and whenever possible, resources to get them off the street.

Caring for the Elderly

We regularly purchase and deliver packages of staple food items like rice, pasta, canned fish, oil and tea. We never want someone to have to choose between eating and heating their home. We also provide warm wool blankets to keep them warm in the winter.

Sponsoring Community Leaders

Pastors and leaders in Ukraine serve the needs in their communities with creativity, passion and the power of the Gospel. Yet these men and women themselves struggle to meet their own family needs. Many must work a secular job just to put food on the table. So we help by giving them a monthly income supplement. We also provide special tools to help them reach their communities with the Good News of Christ.