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Longing for Renewal

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

I want to ask you a question? What are you longing for today?

I’m sure that many of you, like me, are looking forward to spring. March is a month of unpredictability. The weather can be sunshine and warmth one moment, and cold wind and snow the next. I love that March is also a month of anticipation. I love the change in seasons and how it creates a certain rhythm to life. Spring is one of my favourite seasons because it holds the promise of new life. I love the subtle smell of the budding new growth just under the surface ready to burst forth.

I believe that anticipation and the need for hope are fundamental to our nature as human beings. Whether we realize it consciously or not, and even in the midst of the most difficult of circumstances, we all have an underlying yearning for a future full of promise. That is what the anticipation of spring is all about; an end to death and the beginning of renewal.

An expectancy for new life in Christ Jesus and an unshakeable belief in the power of God to save in any circumstance is instrinsic to my makeup as a Christian. It is also what drives me forward and guides my heart for ministry. I want to bring that kind of hope to those who God brings across my path. I see in many people’s eyes a yearning for hope. I also see so many who no longer believe there is an answer for that longing.

You and I both know that Christ is the only true answer to the hunger of the human heart. I want to bring that answer to those who desperately need it in Ukraine and Belarus! I believe that there is no better way to share eternal hope than to hand deliver a copy of God’s personal love letter to humanity. The Bible is a precious tool that will bring life and hope every day. And when we are able to bring a Bible while we share our personal testimony of faith, we give someone hope that endures beyond a change in seasons, hope for eternity.

I look forward to the coming of spring because I know that it is a symbol of the new life that Christ brings. Won’t you help me share this hope with others and fill someone’s deepest fundamental need? You can provide a copy of scripture along with a personal visit where someone shares the gospel message for only $28. As you think of the flowers and other life that will soon spring up around you, please prayerfully consider sharing an eternal new life with someone in Ukraine or Belarus!

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